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Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin

Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky product reviews are on the water evaluations of products conducted by the FutureBass Pro Staff. The FutureBass Pro-Staff consist of tournament anglers spread across six states in the upper Midwest. The product reviews are on the water testing by selected members and will consist of each members personal experience with the product. No hard to understand graphs or data will be found here. The reviews are each staff members personal experience during the trial put into print.

Izorline Fishing Products:                                                                                                   Choosing the right tackle is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Izorline makes premium fishing lines including monofilament, dacron, spectra, fluorocarbon, and battle tested harnesses and rod rests, and "top angler" tested Izorline tools and accessory products. Review


Tournament Performance Shirts:
If you are in touch with the professional world of Bass Fishing, than you’ve noticed a new trend in angling gear.  Lightweight and colorful, Sublimated fishing shirts are on the cutting edge of sports apparel.  Recently Boombah- a softball apparel and equipment company of Morris, IL- is offering these “Performance Shirts” to anglers. REVIEW


   MG Lures Pachinko: Fully rounded heavily salted bait - great for dead sticking
Horizontal "wiggling" sinking action that outfishes, outlasts competing brands. Also upon request available in "super soft" or "lite" versions. REVIEW


Optimum Furbit and Poppin Furbit:
Manufacturers Statement In a watery world of look-alike hollow rubber frogs, "Furbit the Frog" is a refreshingly individual amphibian. Many other hollow rubber frogs you see out there today look a lot like each other, and perhaps Furbit does too.... Until you get to its legs! Its two legs are soft supple strips of rabbit fur. Furbit's legs ripple and flutter in a manner that synthetic rubber or plastic legs never will.
Lure Tamer:
Manufacturers Claim LURE TAMER is the best lure guard ever created! This isn't a piece of stitched canvas or a wimpy plastic wrap held together with Velcro. It is a tool designed to help control lures and protect fishing rods. It is made by precision injection molding of polypropylene plastic. Each one is hand assembled, UV and chemical resistant and will last for many seasons. Made transparent so you know exactly what rig you are picking up. REVIEW


SlickFish Snag Free Lure:
3 week trial period June 8th thru June 29th. ADVENTURE TECHNOLOGY INC. Manufacturers Claim: Slickfish. Its patented retracting twin hook design makes it a truly weedless lure. Which means? Cast your line anywhere! Fish open water, thick moss, weeds, or timber – you're always in control.



Kevin Van Dam's Line and Lure Conditioner:
2 week trial period May 21st thru June 4th.  RMR INDUSTRIES, LLC. Manufacturers claim: Kevin Van Dam's Line and Lure is specially formulated to make fishing line more manageable and improve casting distance and control.  Line & Lure also helps protect the outer and inner working parts of your fishing equipment as well as your fishing tackle. Retail Price $8.95 REVIEW


RoboWorm 4" Pitchin Kraw:
3 week trial period May 1st thru May 23rd 2007. ROBOWORM INC. has recently created a new technology combining three laminated colors of "hand pour" baits with the styles and shapes of injected baits.




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