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4 inch Pitchin Kraw



Derek “Duke” Jenkel, Pinckneyville, IL.
Over the last couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to fish with Roboworm’s new bait called the Pitchin’ Kraw.  Having never used this bait prior to now, I was excited to see how it would measure up to some of my favorite soft plastic baits.  

The equipment I used for the product test was a Shimano Castaic reel, GLoomis Flipping Stick (MBR904X), 20lb Maxima Fluorocarbon and pegged  3/16 oz and 5/16 oz  Penetrater tungsten weights.  The hook I used was a 4/0 Gamakatsu EWG Superline hook. 

The first test I put the pitchin’ kraw to was flipping flooded bushes, the bait performed well above my expectations.  When I initially looked at the bait I felt like the tails would create some problems by wrapping on the limbs of the bushes as I attempted to pitch it into the center of the bush.  Much to my surprise I found the opposite, the long “flappers” on the side of the bait actually help prevent the tails from tangling or wrapping on the limbs, allowing the bait to enter the into the bush near flawlessly.  As I began to fish the pitchin’ kraw around other cover, I found that the bait performed very well in most flipping / pitching situations.  I pitched the bait in emergent grass, onto logs and visible stumps, the bait pitches very well and has a good action.  The last thing I would like to mention about the bait is its durability.  I caught several fish on one bait, and if you are very familiar with fishing flooded buckbrush, you can destroy a soft plastic bait very easily, just due to the nature of this type of fishing.  The pitchin’ kraw held up very well under these conditions.  The body of the bait is very durable, it will house a 4/0 hook perfectly.  The two colors I used in my test were Midnight (Black and Blue), and Oxblood w/ red flake. Overall, I was very pleased with the performance of the product and intend to purchase some more.


Tim Domaille, Rochester, MN:
When I received the Roboworm 4” Pitchin’ Kraw and couldn't wait to open the box as I had taken a look at the baits online. As I looked through the product the first thing I noticed was some very interesting and unique colors. 

I mainly threw Midnight and Oxblood w/red flake. The water temps were in the upper 50’s to mid 60’s. Presentation was Texas rigged with a 3/0 Mustad Ultra Lock Wide Gap hook with a 1/8 oz Tungsten weight. I was pitchin’ and flippin’ the 4” Pitchin’ Kraw around wood and sand drops with current.

 The tail action of the 4” Pitchin’ Kraw was like no other. Even with a lighter Tungsten weight, the tail action was very rapid. The Largemouth could not stand the action of the 4” Pitchin Craw and would inhale the whole bait every time.  

The Midnight 4” Pitchin’ Kraw was my “Go To” bait in the Dick Hiley/ St Jude tournament. The two biggest fish I caught including the tournaments biggest Bass, a 4.88 Largemouth, were caught on a Midnight 4” Pitchin’ Kraw. (Picture Displayed above)

The 4” Pitchin’ Kraw is a soft “plastic creature” type craw imitation bait that has a lot of action. Working the bait slowly over logs and rocks just plain and simply makes this bait irresistible to awaiting bass.


Ken Warren, Olin, IA:
I used the Roboworm Pitchin’ Kraw recently and had success and caught good numbers of bass on this bait. The colors were some of the most attractive I have seen recently and the action was good. The appendages caused a good deal of vibration and bulk. I think this could be taken a step farther, however, if the ridges and valleys on the body were deeper similar to a ringworm or zipper. This would retain the bulk but the body would produce more vibration and the reduced rigidity should produce better action.

 I found success with this bait when I fished it along grass edges and in shallow timber. It also held up well even after several good fish were caught on it. While, this is not a requirement for me, as I do not mind trading longevity for action but when the bait lasts it does save some time and allow for a few more casts throughout the day.

 The action appeared to be very good and the tail of the bait seemed to stay off the bottom and this makes the presentation easier. While I do not think Roboworm has re-invented the wheel, they definitely have given us a new type of bait to be considered and it certainly is not just another plastic. The great color schemes and the action is unique and should make a stir for all those that try it.


Aaron Weymeyer, Smithton, IL:
I found the 4" Pitching Kraw to be a very good bait for flipping heavy cover. I was Texas rigging the bait on 20lb mono with a 1/4 ounce Bullet weight. It came through the heavy Buck brush with ease. The bait displaces a lot of water and generated a lot of bites in the stained water I was fishing.

As for the durability of the bait it held up very well while fishing it through heavy cover and I was able to catch several fish on a single bait. The bait as a whole from its body to its many legs is very solid product. 


Rick Byrnes, Tamaroa, IL:
The Roboworm 4 inch Pichin Kraw immediately sets itself apart from most other creature baits with the unique layered color selection. I had the chance to pitch the bait around on several trips and these color combos produces fish. 

This bait has great floatation that keeps the appendages standing upright even with a pegged sinker. I was able to do some bed fishing during the trial and the "Bed Bait" color (Chartreuse/White) is something that will be kept in my boat from this point on just for these occasions.

The bait is very durable and I easily caught several fish per bait during the trial. It produced on laydowns, bushes and even rock. I only had a chance to use the bait Texas rigged but with its flotation properties I am looking forward to trying this bait on a Carolina rig. The colors that produced for myself were the Oxblood Red Flake, Aaron's Magic, Bed Bait and Midnight but I'm sure there are other must have colors.



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