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Eric Jex, St. Louis Park, MN:
I received the Lure Tamer package and was instantly impressed with the different sizes of the bait holders.  They assemble very easy and are very self explanatory. I have used multiple hook storage systems in the past including velcro material wraps and treble hook guards.  The Lure Tamer system was with out a doubt the most effective.

The clear plastic allows you to see exactly which bait is in what container, they snap shut and open very easily and can be used while on the deck of the boat.  There is ample room for the line to feed through the container without damaging it.  I used them an entire weekend and didn't hook myself once while digging in my rod locker.  They do a nice job for storage of anything with treble hooks, but maybe the most effective use I found was for rigs like a drop shot or Carolina rig.  Each fit nicely into one of the containers and was kept in good condition.   

The hook attached to the container works great for most spinning reels, but the hook does not attach to some baitcasting reels as well.  You have to adapt it a little to make it work with smaller reels.  They do keep soft plastic baits soft and in good condition, however I'm not sure how reusable they are once soft plastics have been enclosed for a couple days. 

Overall the Lure Tamer was as advertised and can save you from a lot of hooks in fingers, hands, feet, boat seats and anything else you can think of.  They worked wonderfully to prevent tangles when on the deck of the boat or in it's rodlockers.  I will using these on a regular basis for storage and safety. 


Paul Strege, Deerfield, WI:
I have experimented with several different designs of lure protectors in the past and had mixed feelings about the various designs. Up until I received the Lure Tamer, I avoided hard cover protectors for fear of damaging my line. In addition, some of the designs were cumbersome to work with. My perception of lure protectors changed, however, after using the Lure Tamer.

I have used the Lure Tamer for a few weeks now, and am pleased with its overall function. Crankbaits, Topwaters and Jerkbaits are stowed with ease in the one-snap case. A “barbed” hook locks the protector down onto the reel. The barb can be trimmed to suit various reel designs. I locked the Lure Tamer onto Shimano Curados 200B’s from the top and the Shimano Sahara’s at the reel base. In both cases, I did not have difficulty locking the Lure Tamer into place. Line damage is also avoided in the design with a chamfered, oversized hole for the line. But the best feature about the Lure Tamer is the fact that rods are saved from permanent scarring by ultra-sharp hooks. When not using the covers, I simply threw them in the bottom of my rod locker. On tournament day I did not use the Lure Tamer on the rods lying on the deck, however, I have not typically used lure wraps in that situation in the past. Overall, I was impressed with this product.



Darin Roddick-Small, Glenn Ellyn, IL:
I had the opportunity to try out the Lure tamer over the past few outings that I have taken. In that time I came up with mixed reviews of this product. I will start with what I liked. I found the concept to be very solid. When used with baits with multiple trebles, such as crank baits, it was great. Despite the size of some of the cases, I found them to be well worth the extra bulk to not have to worry about getting caught in the carpet of my rod locker, or other lines. I also like that they are translucent, so you can see what is inside of it.

The main down side of the lure tamer that I found, was that it took some time to get to know how to open them. I could see this as a real downer during a tournament when a person is in a big hurry.

Overall, I would give this product a rating of 7.5-8 on a 10 point scale. I am guessing that I will like them more as I get more accustomed to using them though.



Glenn Walker, Verona, WI:
The Lure Tamer is a product that I have had my eyes on for a while.  I have been using the lure wraps that consist of a piece of material with Velcro around the edges.  I have not been pleased with my current lure protection and was looking forward to testing out the Lure Tamer in my boat. 

What I liked about the Lure Tamer was that when you snapped it on your lure, your lure stayed put in the clear plastic tube, which makes it very easy to see what rod has what lure on it.  This is a great time saver when you are going through your rod locker looking for that hot bait on tournament day.  The dual snaps on the case, made sure the lid stayed shut, but it was easy enough to get open.  After snapping your lure in the case and making sure your line is in the groove, you insert the plastic hook into the hole on the other end of the case, this clip can be hooked onto a line guide or a hook keeper.

The Lure Tamer is a product that will benefit an angler in two ways.  The first is that it will prevent your baits with treble hooks from accidentally hooking yourself, child, or pet.  The other benefit is that when you put your rods in the rod locker at the end of the day or when they are not needed over the course of a long day of fishing, you can easily go into your rod locker and retrieve a rod with out have a tangled mess of hooks.






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