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Kevin VanDam's Line and Lure Conditioner



Darin Roddick-Small, Glenn Ellyn, IL:
I was given the opportunity to try out KVDís Line Conditioner just recently. I want to start by saying that I was skeptical of what the results would be like, even with what I have heard about it. I tried the product out on a couple of my bait casting reels, two that were spooled up with 17 pound Berkley Sensation and one that I spooled with P Lineís Flouroclear in the 15 pound variety. For the two that had the Berkley , I just put a heavy application on the prespooled line and let it soak in over night. For the P Line, I sprayed KVDís Conditioner on a rag and spooled the line through it and applied a light dose on after the spooling.

All I want to say is that this stuff is amazing. I am now a firm believer and will be using this on all of my line from here on out. It reduced my line memory tremendously and I actually had fewer backlashes while casting. All in all, I found KVDís Line and Lure Conditioner to de an awesome product and highly recommend it to others. If you have any questions about my results, please feel free to PM me.



Paul Strege, Deerfield, WI:
I have to admit that I was a skeptic at first when it came to testing Kevin Van Damís Line and Lure Conditioner. I had previously purchased Blakemoreís Real Magic several years ago, and simply quit using it because I was not seeing the results that I expected. KVDís Line and Lure, however, proved to be not just another line spray.

 I used Line and Lure on several rods of three categories: spinning gear with light line (6-10 lb test), baitcasting gear with heavy line (15-20 lb test), and super-braid line (50 lb Power Pro). In addition, Line and Lure was applied to reels spooled with existing line, and while spooling new line on previously unfilled reels. The results in both cases proved beneficial, and it did not appear to matter whether Line and Lure was applied before or after spooling. I noticed a measurable decrease in line twisting on spinning reels, and reduced coiling with heavy monofilament lines. The improved line performance translated into an overall increase in casting distance.

 Applying Line and Lure to braided line, however, did not yield the same results as monofilament. I had hoped to see an increase in casting distance, but did not.  Perhaps the no-memory / flexible characteristic of braid means that very little casting distance is lost to coiling or twisting.

 Will I use KVDís Line and Lure Conditioner in the future? Yes.



Ken Warren, Olin, IA:
I must admit that when asked to review Kevin Van Dam's Line and Lure Conditioner I was very skeptical. I assumed that this was just hype that needed a well know name attached to sell. I was wrong!

This stuff does live up to the description. While I normally pitch/flip more than I make long casts I still found this product worth the money. Due to the lack of long casts I cannot say for sure if casting distance will increase but what I did notice is how much smoother Fireline came through the guides. I found that this smoothness increased my accuracy and control during a pitch. Therefore, it is not a big leap to expect this to lead to longer casting as well.

I normally spend a great deal of money on my rods to get the best guides I can afford. This is in an effort to gain the smoothness and accuracy to yield to a more accurate presentation. I think using Line and Lure Conditioner correlates to probably another $50 in guide cost on a rod and you get this performance for much less. This paired with the money-back guarantee they offer makes this product a slam dunk.



Glenn Walker, Verona, WI:
I have been an avid user of the Kevin VanDamís Line & Lure Conditioner for over a year now and am impressed each and every time I use it.

Just by spraying some of the solution on the spool of line before I put the line on to a reel the amount of memory drastically is reduced.  It can even be further reduced by putting a small amount of the solution on to a rag and run the line through it as it goes on to your reel.  The Line & Lure Conditioner eliminates any problems that may occur because of the extensive memory from being on the store shelf too long.

If being able to cure line memory and eliminate a large majority of problems due to fishing line isnít enough, the solution also worked very well on my electronic screens. 

The Kevin VanDamís Line & Lure Conditioner works on any kind of fishing line, Iíve used it on monofilament, fluorocarbon and braid.  Regardless of what kind of line I sprayed it on, the performance level of my line increased.






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