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Poppin Furbit




Greg Kizewski, Dallas, WI:
FURBIT: Those who know me and have fished with me, quickly realize “slop” fishing is not on the top of my list of favorite fishing techniques. Yes I love a fish blowing up on a bait and the excitement that goes with it, but I prefer fishing baits that give me a higher percentage bite to hook-set ratio. This bait has cured that phobia!!!

At a casual glance of the package, it looks like just another slop bait – upon closer examination, you see a quality ball bearing swivel on the rear of the bait, with a Colorado spinner bait blade. When you remove the bait from the package, what you find is the softest hollow body bait you will ever find, and a high quality, extremely sharp hook.

Instead of the traditional rubber legs that most companies use on soft hollow slop baits, Optimum uses a strip of rabbit fur for the legs that give an unmatched action on the retrieve. The 5/8 ounce weight of the Furbit allows you to cast it a country mile! One would think that the Colorado blade would pick up duckweed and other slop vegetation that would render the blade useless – to the contrary, every time the blade hits even the smallest amount of open water, it spins, flashes and vibrates like crazy.

I have used this bait on 3 outings and can tell you that I sunk the hook in, and landed 14 fish out of 15 blow-ups – that ratio is incredible, and I can relate it to these factors:

  1. The bait is soft – once a fish has it and squeezes down with it’s mouth, it is easy to sink the hook into the fish.

  2. I believe that the flash of the Colorado blade entices the fish to take the bait deeper.

  3. A fish will chase this bait well out of the slop because of the action of the rabbit fur legs and the flash of the blade. An angler needs to work the bait all the way back to the boat.

  4. It is an awesome bait to throw under overhanging tree branches near the bank.

The only criticism I can make is I feel the packaging could use more “flair”. If you walk into a sporting goods store and see this bait co-located among a large variety of slop baits, it just looks like it another “frog”. The Furbit is so much more and it needs to stand out as a premium bait! 

POPPIN FURBIT: After having great success with the Optimum Baits Furbit, I was very excited to try out the Poppin Furbit.  

Basically, the Poppin Furbit looks like a large, hollow, soft bodied Pop-R with it’s concave nose, but then you see a small willow leaf spinner blade attached to a quality ball bearing swivel and a rabbit fur trailer.

To fully appreciate the fish catching quality of the Poppin Furbit, you need at least a little open water within the slop/pad field you are working. I immediately found success in a lily pad field by using a pop, pop, pause retrieve. Two 17” largemouth immediately fell for the retrieve. My greatest success with this bait came with a patient pause (until the ripple on the water was gone), before popping the bait again.

 After landing 7 fish in the first hour and a half, I wanted to hit the open water banks over some deeper water to try to call up some fish. Here I found an even bigger strength. I found a rock hump in 25’ of water that had fish breaking on it – typically fish on this hump are skittish because of the extremely clear water in the area. The weight of the Poppin Furbit (5/8 ounce), allowed for a much longer cast then most popping hard plastic top-water baits. Within 30 minutes I had caught 6 bass in the 3 to 4 lb. range with 100% of the fish that bit the bait being landed. The willow leaf spinner blade adds the touch of flash that makes a slop bait versatile open water bait. The Poppin Furbit has found a permanent home in my tackle box!!


Ken Darton, Hartland, WI:
I have had a great deal of success with Optimum’s line of swimbaits so I was really excited to try their Furbit Frog.  Other Optimum baits I’ve fished have always been of the highest quality and just plain catch bass.   Furbit Frog did not disappoint.  I fished Furbit on 65lb braided line around lily pads and matted grass.  I liked the molded-in belly weight on the Furbit as it landed upright on every cast.  The spinner on the back of the frog also is a great addition as it adds some vibration and flash that isn’t present on other frogs on the market.  I believe the spinner enticed some fish to strike that normally wouldn’t have.  The feature that really stands out when you look at this frog is of course the rabbit fur legs that the frog is named for.  The majority of the bass I caught hit when I walked or twitched the Furbit around openings in the pads or grass.  This is where the rabbit fur really came into play.  The fur legs give a life-like feature to the Furbit as the fur   “breathes” and undulates when the frog is twitched.  I would barely twitch the frog in the openings and the strikes were explosive. 

Overall I would say this bait has definitely earned a spot in my topwater frog box.   Furbit possesses features that trigger strikes and it’s something the bass haven’t seen before.  Furbit The Frog is another top quality product from Optimum. 



Jeremiah Shaver, LaCrosse, WI:
Frog fishing is one of the most exciting types of bass fishing there is.  Everybody knows the excitement of watching a big largemouth blow up on a frog.  It’s what keeps us fishing time and time again.  I’ve grown up fishing the backwaters of the Mississippi river in which using frogs is a staple for success.  I’ve thrown about every type of frog out there and when I was offered the opportunity to field test Optimum’s new Furbit the Frog, I jumped right on it.

I judge frogs on 3 major criteria:  Plastic softness/durability – Cast ability – and hook quality.  Upon first glance of the frogs I was quite enthused about what I saw.  The plastic of the Furbits are tough, yet very flexible.  This is important b/c it allows the bass to chomp down on it and expose the hooks for an optimal hook set. 

The best feature that this frog possess’ is the molded in weighted belly.  Most of you know what it is like to be using a frog all day and have to keep tucking the hook and weight back into the plastic of the frog.  With the Furbit, I never had to mess with it.  Not having to worry about your bait working properly saves a lot of time throughout the day.  The weighted belly also allows for greater casting distances, which helps cover a lot of water.  Lastly I noticed that every bass I caught was double hooked right through the roof of the mouth, which I believe is due to the molded weight and hook.  It prevents the hooks from sliding off the frog, thus decreasing your hooking percentage.  It doesn’t get any better than a double hook in the roof!!!

The small Colorado blade is normally something I typically don’t use, but I left it on for testing and noticed that I got more strikes in open water than I do when I fish frogs with out it.  It gives off a nice vibration and flash and almost sounds like a buzz bait coming through the water.  I think it gives it a little something extra and it works.

I caught a bass on my first cast using Furbit the Frog.  I proceeded to catch bass on it all day and never once did it rip or tear or sink on me.  Optimum has definitely cast themselves right into the top echelon of frog makers in my opinion.  I give this bait a thumbs-up and I for one will continue to use them.



Derek “Duke” Jenkel, Pinkneyville, IL:
FURBIT: Optimum baits has introduced two new frog style baits to the fishing market, you’ve read about one of them, the Poppin’ Furbit.  The second one is “Furbit the Frog”.  Furbit the frog is a more traditional hollow bodied frog, it has pointed nose similar to most frog baits on the market.  Once you get past the nose, Furbit leaves the look-alike world behind.  The bait features a 5/8 oz belly weight just as the Poppin’ Furbit, and also sports the same spinner bait configuration only with a #3 Colorado blade instead of a willow leaf blade.  Furbit has two rabbit fur legs positioned at the rear of the body, right between the two hook points of a 6/0 wide gap Owner frog hook.  Furbit comes through the water and vegetation with ease.  Furbit’s body easily depresses when bitten, to allow for a high percentage of hook-ups.  This will walk the dog with a little practice, and has a tendency to turn 45-90 degrees on every pause, which in turn activates the rabbit fur legs nicely.  Althoug I find it difficult to understand how the spinner bait blade comes across vegetation without hanging, Furbit does so with ease, this frog also has a good hook-up ratio, just like the Poppin’ Furbit.

POPPIN FURBIT: The fishing market seems to operate in trends; one of those trends is the mass introduction of “frog-type” baits to the fishing world.  One of the newest additions to the frog-type baits category is the Poppin’ Furbit by Optimum baits.  This bait is a cupped face hollow bodied frog imitation. 

The bait features a 5/8 oz belly weight to ensure the bait will always position itself correctly in the water.  Molded into the 5/8 oz belly weight is a wire loop that has a high quality swivel and a #3 willow leaf blade attached to it, definitely unique.  Instead of the industry standard rubber or rubber skirt legs the Poppin’ Furbit’s tail is single strand of real rabbit fur.  The rabbit fur tail flares and ripples with the slightest of movements. 

As for the function of the bait, I was skeptical of being able to drag the bait over matted vegetation with a #3 willow leaf blade dangling beneath; however, I can report that the bait not only worked well, but very little vegetation hung on the blade or the swivel.  The bait is equipped with a 6/0 Owner frog hook, which had no trouble hooking up a very high percentage of the bites I received. As a matter of fact, I never lost any of the fish that bit Poppin’ Furbit.  After using the Poppin’ Furbit, I allowed the tail to dry for several days, and then took it back to the water, much to my surprise, the tail immediately flared and moved just as it had when I first took it to the lake.  I definitely plan to add the Poppin’ Furbit to my arsenal of Frog baits.






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