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Mississippi River Pool 10, Sept. 1, 2008, 

By: Glenn Walker

A long weekend at the cabin was much needed and with fall approaching the bass fishing looked to be promising. The fishing this year on pool 10 has been up and down for me, one day the quality of fish will be high and the next day it is the complete opposite. Going into this weekend, I had several areas and patterns that I thought would put me on some good bassin!

Some areas that I fished had eel grass and lily pads that were adjacent to deeper water. Throwing Brovarney swim jigs into the vegetation proved beneficial to get numbers of bass and some quality keepers as well. Changing colors of jigs and grubs until the bass let you know what they wanted was very important in being successful.

The other areas that I fished this weekend were main channel areas that had the largemouth schooled up on them. Crankbaits, Carolina-rigs and football jigs worked well for me and these presentations also allowed me to cover a lot of water quickly. This was very important because not all of the areas on the main channel are holding fish. I was very pleased that I was able to put together a 5 fish limit around 14 lb. in only three hours of fishing on Monday. This is just a great sign of the fishing we will see coming up.

With cooler temperatures approaching and the bass needing to beef up before winter, the bite should continue to improve!