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Bass Fishing Report; Mississippi River Pool 10; July 26, 2008

By Paul Strege

Saturday Conditions: Winds W 10 mph, Sunny, 79 deg air temp, 76-80 deg water temp.

Saturday, I headed down to Prairie Du Chien for some fun fishing and to get reacquainted with the water down there prior to the next Wal-Mart BFL. Water levels were somewhat low compared to what I have seen in the past on Pool 10, and the water temperature hit 80 degrees by the afternoon.

I started by hitting several different varieties of cover: rock, wood, weeds, and slop. I targeted main river and larger backwater channels in the morning, and smaller sloughs when the pleasure boat traffic was heavy in the afternoon. Working one particular stretch of deep, submerged wood, produced several fish ranging from 2 to 3 pounds by mid-morning. The best fish of the day, a chunky 18-incher pictured below, was captured with a Gambler Ugly Otter rigged on a 5/0 Owner J-Hook. But, the Otter was not the only bait to be effective for largemouth. Tubes and worms also produced. Slop fishing produced other keepers when the sun was high, but locating the most productive stretches was a little time-consuming. I utilized a Gambler Cane Toad for locating active fish, and then slowed down with a topwater frog after the first blow-up. I failed to find a decent fish covering rock bank and a few wing dams. I will have to try again in a couple weeks.


Flippin’ Rig: Rogue Rods Flipping Stick (FS 766 XC) with 65 lb Power Pro.

3/16 Ounce Gambler Florida Rig Weight. Green Pumpkin Gambler Ugly Otter.


Cane Toad Gear: Rogue Rods Magnum Bass MB704C with 40 lb Power Pro and 4/0 Owner Straight Shank Wide-Gap hook. Green Pumpkin Pearl Swirl Cane Toad.