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Bass Fishing Report; Mississippi River Pool 10; July 1, 2006

Four days of being on the water has come and gone, but what a great time it was! I got to fish with my brother who has spent a lot of time fishing with me over the years. We started out Friday afternoon in a backwater lake that had some good slop/pad fields. After catching a couple quick fish, we noticed that the bass were hitting right on the edge of the vegetation. My brother was throwing an RC Tackle swim jig on top of the mat and letting it fall off the edge. I went with the topwater approach, using Gambler Cane Toads and Spro Rojas Frogs. The vast majority of my hits came when my frog was right on the edge. Here is a picture of my brother with a quality largemouth.

Saturday I spent the a couple hours in the morning on pool 10 chasing largemouth using Chug Bugs. We caught a lot of fish with some good fish mixed in as well. The bass were strategically located along points and rock that had current pushing baitfish into them. This picture shows my brother and I with four quality fish!!

Monday and Tuesday we spent on pool 10 checking out some new areas, but also taking advantage of some prime fishing. Fishing primarily weeds and pads was what we found to be holding a large majority of our fish. The big fish of the weekend came Tuesday morning as I brought my swim jig off some lily pads. This fat, healthy fish weighed in at 4.5 lb. (seen top of page)