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Mississippi River Pool 10, June 14, 2009

By: Glenn Walker

Finally after I was able to make it back down to the river after two weeks away I was very interested to see what the water conditions were going to be. I had heard that it was very dirty and the bite was tough.

Over the course of the weekend, I had mixed results and covered a lot of water. Saturday morning we started on the looking for some active fish on the main river. After a couple quick stops and we dialed into a smallie pattern that produced some very nice bronze backs!

Searching the backwaters was very a hit or miss bite. The cleaner the water was very key, but finding it was the hard part. This good fish hammered my frog and so did a few more. The key was quick putting your bait where a fish had moved in the pads, so a high-speed reel like the Quantum Tour Edition Burner was crucial to getting your bait back to the boat and getting your bait in front of a feeding bass. Flipping did get a few fish, but for the most part the muddy water proved to be very difficult.

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