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Bass Fishing Report; Mississippi River Pool 10; May 27-29, 2006

Water Temp: 69-74
Weather: Sunny

I spent the majority of the day looking for some bass that got beyond the 15 inch mark. By the end of the day I was able to put together a pattern of throwing a Gambler Cane Toad into grass beds that the bass had yet to move out of. These bass were buried in thick cover and to get these fish out the use of a strong braided line a stout Quantum rod helped me to get em into the boat.

Sunday presented me with a new challenge that was to find some new water that had not yet been hit by the numerous anglers that took advantage of the beautiful weather we had. I began the day by fishing a sand drop and caught two smallmouth that were around the 2.5 lb. mark.

After I got off the channel I hit a stretch of shoreline that had wood on it along with a nice point that was in the right area for the bass to stage on. I began throwing a spinnerbait and one of my first casts to that "ole stump" I hooked into a very healthy 4 lb. fish.