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Mississippi River Pool 10, May 25, 2009

By: Glenn Walker

After a successful tournament down at the cabin last weekend, I was fortunate enough to get back down for the holiday weekend! The bite was very similar to last weekend, but I wanted to expand on some areas and cover some new water. The same two presentations were still very successful for my brother and I, swimming jigs with a little flipping mixed in. This was one of the bigger bass of the weekend. Using the new Seaguar Abraz X flurocarbon has helped me feel and land bass out of some nasty cover!
Be sure to keep a good supply of swim jigs and grubs, because the bass and pike are on a tear. A lot of bass are starting to move from their spawning areas to their summer haunts. More smaller pike were caught this weekend, but some bigger ones did make a not so welcome apperance. Here is my brother with a good bass!

It was great to spend two successful days on the water and enjoy some warm weather with family and friends. We did fish some fish on rock as well and did ok. I hope everyone got out to enjoy the wonderful weekend and catch some fish!

Glenn Walker
(608) 512-3484

Marketing & Sales
Writer, Speaker
Tournament Angler