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Bass Fishing Report; Mississippi River Pool 10; May 25, 2008


Well with school finally done and my job yet not starting yet, I was able to sneak away to the cabin for four days of fishing.  Too bad a broken trolling motor and getting sick kept me off the water the last two, but the first two days were amazing.

 The first bite my brother and I went after was some smallies that had just moved up to spawn.  One of the first fish was this 4.3 lb. toad that hit a Texas-rigged tube with an Eagle Claw HP hook.  The next picture is my brother with two more smallies off the small spot that hit a Gambler Ugly Otter.


We were also able to find some largemouth that were moving up ready to spawn and caught some nice males and some bigger females.  Flipping jigs, Ugly Otter's and tubes is what worked best for us.

 The key to the weekend was just following the fish up the bank as the water dropped and the water temperature rose.  No to slight current was present.  Remember it is important to release all of these bass with eggs in them, so there will be more for years to come!