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Bass Fishing Report; Mississippi River Pool 10; May18-20, 2007

Friday I was able to get to fish with my brother for the first time of the year. We were pre-fishing for the Grant County 2-man open which was on Sunday. We were only able to locate and get on a pattern for post-spawn bass, all of which were "cookie-cutter" 2 to 2.5 lb. fish.

By checking out just a couple areas, we quickly determined are game plan for Sunday. We targeted fish that were pulling out of backwater lakes as the water was dropping. Throwing swimming jigs in the emergent grass and pads is what took the majority of our fish. Here is my brother with a "cookie cutter" bass.

When Sunday rolled around I wasn't sure what to expect, since the cold front was moving in. But we stayed true to our pattern that we developed in pre-fishing and had a great day on the water.

Swimming jigs in both light and dark colors worked for us, we not only caught a lot of fish, but we caught a lot of keepers. Looking for post-spawn shorelines with wood helped us get some more fish in the boat. Flipping tubes to the isolated pieces of wood worked well.

Here I am pictured with one of our keepers that made up our 8 fish limit that weighed in at 17.5 lb., which was good enough for 6th place and last check, 20 lb. won the event.