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9/15/07 Madison Chain Lake Monona Fishing Report
By Paul Strege

Saturday Morning Conditions: 
Winds NE 5-10 mph, then calm, 
Sunny, 66 deg water temp.

I went out fishing on Lake Monona this morning solo. I only had a few hours to fish, so I just stuck with trying to find deep weedline fish. There were plenty to be found, but I did not find any fish in excess of 3 pounds willing to bite. I started by scanning the weedlines with my Humminbird Side Imaging Unit for thicker clumps of milfoil. Those thicker clumps, thinning out at 11 to 12 feet deep, held what fish I was able to find today.

I started fishing the deeper weedlines with a drop shot, but changed to a jig worm after learning that I would have to cover some water to find groups of fish. The jig worm allowed me to quickly cast, pop the lure from weeds, let it sit on the bottom for a couple seconds and retrieve to cast further down the weedline. It was fishing fast with a finesse technique. I was using a 4-inch Gambler Bacon Strip to catch the bass in the picture below. That fish topped out around 2-1/2 pounds not great size for Lake Monona , but a decent limit fish nonetheless. In total, I brought around 12 fish to the boat with about half of them being keepers. With water daytime temperatures falling, I would expect the fish to become even more active in the next couple of weeks.

Jig Worm Rig: Rogue Rods SJ663S with 10 lb Trilene XL. 3/16 oz Gambler Giggy Head and 4-inch Green Pumpkin Gambler Bacon Strip.

Drop Shot Rig: Rogue Rods Drop Shot rod (DS 693S) with 6 lb Trilene XL and #4 Owner Octopus Hook. Green Pumpkin Red Flake Gambler Giggy Stick.