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Bass Fishing Report; Kentucky and Barkley Lakes;12/12/08
Bass Buster Guide Service

Kentucky Lake: Water Level at Ky Dam - 356.32 Surface Temperature - 44
Lake Barkley: Water Level at Barkley Dam - 356.25 Surface Temperature - 44

Both lakes are two feet over winter pool and rising. Heavy rains upriver over the past couple of weeks has the lakes rising and at the present time are forecasted to top out at around 3ft above winter pool over the weekend. There is good current being generated on both lakes right now and this should continue for next week. The weather forecast for the weekend is for a warming trend with another cold front due to transition the lakes area on Monday. Moderate south winds are expected on Saturday and high south winds are forecasted for Sunday. Anglers venturing onto the main lakes need to be very careful with these wind forecasts and the cold water temperatures that we now have. Hypothermia is a real threat this time of year, especially when the wind is up and it is easy to get wet. If you are venturing out, you should let someone know when and where you will be fishing and when you expect to return and have them check to make sure you got back in safely. You should keep a survival kit in your boat with a change of clothes, fire starting materials, signal flares and keep your cell phone in a waterproof bag. Anglers should also keep their PFD's on at all times. At the present water temperatures, if you fall into the water, your ability to maneuver and swim is short lived.

I have only received a few fishing reports over the past week as many anglers have been avoiding the cold weather we have had in the area lately. The reports I have received on the Largemouth and Smallmouth indicate that the best bite has been on primary points on the main lake using suspending jerkbaits and shaky heads. Lucky Craft pointers in table rock shad and black aurora have been the most reported colors for the suspending jerkbaits. Shaky heads baited with finesse worms and small creature baits in green pumpkin and black have been producing some fish around stumps and brush piles off the points. I have not had any reports on the ledges, but this is the time of year that blade baits such as the silver buddy and finesse jigs normally are productive on shallow ledges where the water tops out in the 5.- 8 ft range dropping into 20-25 ft. Although I have not yet received any reports since the current started flowing in the past few days, this current flow should be setting up the Smallmouth on the main lake points on current breaks and this would be a great pattern to try when the wind allows. Suspending jerkbaits would be my lure of choice on this pattern with some slow rolled crankbaits such as Rapala shadraps.

I have received some reports that Crappie are being taken by vertically fishing deep brush piles around the mouths of the creeks and on old creek channels on the main lake in 15-20 ft of water. These fish are being taken on small tube jigs baited with minnows. There has also been some few reports of Crappie being taken around docks with brush piles on minnows fished under bobbers.

As per usual during the winter months, I will only update my reports as I get enough verifiable reports on the fishing. I do not guide in the winter months so if you have some fishing experience you would like to share with me, feel free to drop me an email or give me a call. Also, if you are planning on going fishing this winter, I have no problem sharing with you the recent reports I have, just give me a call or drop me an email.

FLASH: As many folks know, I do a some pure teaching type bass fishing trips during the year. These include ledge fishing, lake familiarization etc. One thing all these trips have in common is that I teach a class as a part of these trips. The class I teach is How to Eliminate Water. I have had a number of folks take this class over the past few years in conjunction with these teaching trips and the word of mouth advertisement from these folks has made this class very popular. I have had a number of requests recently to teach this class this winter without the on the water portion of the trips. I will agree with folks that the classroom portion is definitely the most important part of the trips because in the class you learn how to eliminate water and find bass. This is the basics of successful bass fishing and I have found that many bass anglers really struggle to do this consistently or in some cases not at all.

I have decided that I will offer this class to anyone desiring to take it this winter beginning now thru the end of February next year. The classes will be limited to one or two people and will be held here at my home just outside Benton near the lakes. The price for this class will be 150.00 (covers one or two people). The classes will last 5 hours and normally will be given during the day, but we can arrange an evening class if needed.

What you will learn in the class:

How to Eliminate 80% of the water before you ever leave the house (trip preplanning) using a topographical map **
How to locate the highest percentage spots to be holding bass anytime of the year.**
How to make adjustments on the water when the weather/water conditions change **
Tips on lures, techniques, alternate patterns **
Questions and Answers: A chance to go one on one with me to answer your questions about these lakes, bass etc....

** This information can be applied to any lake with a shad forage base.

If you are interested in taking this class, contact me via email or phone to book your class date or make further inquiry.

MORE: Anyone that attends this class will receive a free lure packet valued at over 25.00 retail. This packet will contain some of my favorite lures in the same color patterns that you have read about in my reports though out the season. I would like to thank Hook Some Bass Lures, Charmer Bait Co, Ozark Tackle, Last Cast Lures and D&L Tackle for furnishing these lures.
FLASH: Response to the above class offering has been very good so if you are planning on taking this class you should make a reservation soon. Weekend dates have been especially popular and I only have a couple of weekend dates left in December and February. All my weekend dates in January have been taken. Here is what I have left available on weekends in Dec and Feb: Dec 13, 14, 20, 21 Feb: 14, 15 I have plenty of weekday dates available in Dec, Jan and Feb if you can do a weekday date.
FLASH: I will be at the West Kentucky Boat and Outdoor Show (Jan 16-18) to do a couple of seminars on the spring bass fishing here on Ky/Barkley. The good folks from The Cabin Bait and Tackle and Charmer Baits will also be there with some great deals on fishing lures and tackle. You can check the show times and seminar schedules at:
FLASH: A gift certificate for a guided bass fishing trip makes the perfect Christmas or special occasion gift for your favorite bass angler. These certificates are good for one year and can be purchased by contacting me via email or phone. There is still enough time to get one for Christmas, but you need to make your order this week.
If you have not yet made your reservations for next season yet, you need to do so soon. Especially if you want to book a date for next spring. If you wait too long you may not be able to get the date(s) you want. Drop me an email or give me a call to make your reservation.

Captain Dave Stewart
Bass Buster Guide Service
"Fish With a Professional"