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Bass Fishing Report; Kentucky and Barkley Lakes;11/27/08
Bass Buster Guide Service

Kentucky Lake: Water Level at Ky Dam - 354.97 Surface Temperature - 48
Lake Barkley: Water Level at Barkley Dam - 355.10 Surface Temperature - 48

Both lakes are one foot over winter pool. Cold weather last weekend and earlier this week dropped the water temperatures about 4 degrees. The fishing has been slow this week. The big shad schools have moved out to the mouths of the creeks and bays for the most part as they are transitioning now to their winter haunts on the main lake ledges and of course the fish are following the shad. We have had nice weather for the past two days and it was great to be on the water with light winds, sunshine and warmer temperatures. The down side to this is that we have been under very high pressure and the fish have not been cooperating very well. Some fish are being taken but the numbers are low. The Largemouth and Smallmouth that are being taken have mostly been on the main lake points and around the big shad schools the mouths of the creeks and bays. Panfish anglers targeting Crappie, Yellow Bass and Bluegill have also been reporting a slow bite this week. On the up side, the weather looks great for Friday and Saturday this weekend with highs in the 50's and cloud cover with a dropping barometer so the fishing just may pick up the next two days with an approaching cold front due to come into the area sometime late Sunday.

Largemouth Bass: Largemouth Bass are being taken on main lake primary points and the first secondary points in the creeks and bays. These fish are being taken on suspending jerkbaits, slow rolled crankbaits and finesse jigs. Largemouth are also being taken from under the big shad schools around the mouths of the creeks and bays by ripping lipless crankbaits and spoons off the bottom under these schools. (Look for gulls diving to the water for active fish).

Smallmouth Bass: Smallmouth Bass are being taken on the main lake primary and secondary points on suspending jerkbaits, slow rolled crankbaits and finesse jigs. As with the Largemouth, the numbers of fish being taken are low but a few nice fish are being caught.

Some of the productive lures reported this week are: Lucky Craft pointers in aurora black, american shad, tennessee shad and table rock shad, Rapala X-rap in black/silver, Rapala DT series crankbaits in black/silver, Rapala shad raps in black/silver, Strike King red eye shad in blue/chrome and bleeding shad and Strike King spoons in silver.

Crappie: Some Crappie are being taken from deep brush piles around the mouths of the bays and on old main lake creek channels in 12-18 ft of water by vertically fishing with small jigs and small minnows.

Bluegill/Yellow Bass: Some Bluegill and Yellow Bass are being taken from deep brush piles around the mouths of the bays and on old main lake creek channels in 12-18 ft of water by fishing with small jigs tipped with worms.

FLASH: As many folks know, I do a some pure teaching type bass fishing trips during the year. These include ledge fishing, lake familiarization etc. One thing all these trips have in common is that I teach a class as a part of these trips. The class I teach is How to Eliminate Water. I have had a number of folks take this class over the past few years in conjunction with these teaching trips and the word of mouth advertisement from these folks has made this class very popular. I have had a number of requests recently to teach this class this winter without the on the water portion of the trips. I will agree with folks that the classroom portion is definitely the most important part of the trips because in the class you learn how to eliminate water and find bass. This is the basics of successful bass fishing and I have found that many bass anglers really struggle to do this consistently or in some cases not at all.

I have decided that I will offer this class to anyone desiring to take it this winter beginning now thru the end of February next year. The classes will be limited to one or two people and will be held here at my home just outside Benton near the lakes. The price for this class will be 150.00 (covers one or two people). The classes will last 5 hours and normally will be given during the day, but we can arrange an evening class if needed.

What you will learn in the class:

How to Eliminate 80% of the water before you ever leave the house (trip preplanning) using a topographical map **
How to locate the highest percentage spots to be holding bass anytime of the year.**
How to make adjustments on the water when the weather/water conditions change **
Tips on lures, techniques, alternate patterns **
Questions and Answers: A chance to go one on one with me to answer your questions about these lakes, bass etc....

** This information can be applied to any lake with a shad forage base.

If you are interested in taking this class, contact me via email or phone to book your class date or make further inquiry.

FLASH: There is still plenty of time to get your gift certificate for a full day guided bass fishing trip with me to give as a Christmas gift to your favorite angler. This gift certificate is being sold at this year's prices and is good until November 30, 2009. If you would like to have one of these great Christmas gifts, drop me an email or give me a call.

If you have not yet made your reservations for next season, especially next spring you need to do so soon. Reservations for next year, especially next spring are coming in daily now so do not wait too long to make your reservations or you may not be able to get the date(s) you desire. I have no plans to guide this winter but will be back on the water full time on March 1st. Even with the changing water conditions due to the early floods this spring and the early winter temperatures this fall we had a great year catching the bass this year and I expect next year will be even better.
I would like to thank all the great folks that booked trips with me this year and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing you again next season. I would also like to thank the great folks at Jet-A-Marina, The Cabin Bait and Tackle and Fisherman's Headquarters for your great service to me and so many of my clients this season. It is really great to get so much positive feedback from my clients about the great service they received at your establishments. Folks, if you are visiting the lakes area this winter, you need to check these businesses out...Jet-A-Marina located in Calvert City on U.S. 68 just north of Ky Dam lives up to their reputation for being the best in service for your boat, a great showroom of new Ranger and Stratos boats as well as boating supplies including bulk oil prices second to none. Fisherman's Headquarters is located at the U.S. 68/U.S. 641 triangle in Draffenville and The Cabin Bait and Tackle is located on U.S. 62 just west of Kuttawa. Both these tackle shops stock the best in fishing tackle for your needs and the folks there are just great folks to be around and deal with.

I will continue to update my fishing report this winter although not on a weekly basis unless I have enough verifiable information on how the fish are biting. Weekly reports will resume the first week of March 2009.

Captain Dave Stewart
Bass Buster Guide Service
"Fish With a Professional"