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10th Annual 17th Street Bar and Grill

Harvey Link and Dan Feltman  BEST THE FIELD!
Kinkaid Lake, June 1, 2008, by Luke Estel


77 boats showed up for the 10th Annual event this year on Kinkaid Lake in Murphysboro, Illinois. The weather couldn’t have cooperated any more and greeted the anglers with sunny skies and temperatures in the low 80’s. Fishing conditions proved to be tougher on tournament day compared to the dock talk from several competitors. The water was high due to the past rains and muddier than normal. A large crowd gathered at the Marina for the weigh in. There were plenty of free Miller Lite and 17th St. BBQ sandwiches for all of the fishermen. The crowd watched as several teams weighed in their catch. In the end only one team was able to put a five fish limit together.


The team of Harvey Link and Dan Feltman brought in five fish that tipped the scales at 16.76 lbs. They caught all of their fish in eight feet of water using tube jigs. They were able to cull one time. They caught their fish throughout the day and also caught several short fish. They received $2000.00 for first place. Most all of the other teams caught their fish on either frogs or jigs. The rest of the places are as follows.

2nd place- Steven and Richard Armstrong 13.71 lbs.  $1400.00

3rd place- Cliff Pass and Richard Wagner  12.20 lbs.   $1000.00

4th place- Duane and Jerry Grammer  12.14 lbs.  $800.00    2nd place Big Bass  $260.00

5th place- Carl Johnson and Rob Waldron  11.10 lbs.   $600.00

6th place- Brian Spinnie and John Phelps  9.86 lbs.    $400.00

7th place- Luther Sellors and Roger Grass  8.82 lbs.    $280.00

8th place- Ryan Roth and Matt Helms  8.59 lbs.           $200.00

9th place- Rick Minks and Michael Phillips  8.37 lbs.  $115.00

10th place- Todd and Nathan Bennett   7.62 lbs.                  2 All Star Rods, Pflueger Reel

11th place- Tom Quertermous and Vaslek  7.59 lbs.            2 All Star Rods, Pflueger Reel

12th place- Lewis Schweizer and Nathan Hublar  7.41 lbs.  2 All Star Rods, Pflueger Reel

13th place- Shawn and Lisa Stearns  6.59 lbs.                       2 All Star Rods, Pflueger Reel

14th place- Gary Gedville and Luke Budde   6.55 lbs.          2 All Star Rods

Big Bass- Buddy and Jason Fred 5.52 lbs. $500.00


This tournament is one of the biggest events on Kinkaid Lake. What makes this event so special is the continuing support of all the sponsors. 17th St. Bar and Grill, Miller Lite, Strike King Lure Company, Pflueger Reels, All Star Rods, Sure-Life catch and release formula, Tony Chachere’s  Creole Seasoning. Be sure to watch for this event next year which will take place again around the end of May. Thanks to all of the fishermen, the fans, and sponsors that came out to fish and support this great event.


17th Street Bar and Grill