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July 11th 2009
Fishers of Men – Illinois Division
Clinton Lake

By: Carl Parks   Photos: Ashley Brown

The Friday night pre-tournament meeting was held at the First Christian Church where all 30 teams were represented. Clinton IGA supplied us with another great meal with Lasagna, with green beans and garlic bread. We served several kinds of cake for dessert. After dinner the director Carl Parks presented the Gospel from an 1864 sermon given by C.H> Spurgeon. It was a great message that was titled “Do You Know Him”? Through this message 18 people rededicated their lives to Christ. Praise God! This is the focus of our organization. If we weren’t sharing Christ with these anglers it would just be another circuit.

Saturday morning was 70 degrees and cloudy with a light breeze. After gathering all the contestants in their boats around the break water area the director had all the captains shut off their motors. There is nothing like the early morning dawn and the quietness after they shut there boats off. The director then said a prayer for the safety of the anglers and also asked the Lord for a bountiful catch. God never fails to hear the prayers of his people. Not only did He keep all the anglers safe, but He also gave us a record breaking weigh-in. Out of 30 teams there were 20 five fish limits.

The team of Travis Boley and John McKinney would come out on top with their limit weighing 18.19lbs. The team said they were fishing main lake points in 8-10 feet of water, flipping and pitching Jigs. With the win they netted $1,245.00 and plaques to commemorate this event. John and Travis were fishing out of a registered Skeeter boat that also netted them an extra $1,000.00 from the Skeeter Real Money Bonus bringing their total prize money to $2,450.00. Wow!

Second Place with five Bass weighing 16.73 lbs was the team of Brad Lutz and Sean Orr. They reported catching their fish early in the morning on topwater baits in the backs of coves and then in the afternoon on All Purpose Jigs in 8-10 feet of water on the main lake. The team is sponsored by Reynolds Towing, Motorguide trolling motors, Optima Batteries, Solar Bat sunglasses, Custom Cast Lures, Triple Fish Line, and Pro-Mariner onboard battery chargers. They earned $720.00 for their efforts.

Third Place was the father and son team of Ian and George Estes with a five fish limit that weighed 14.80 lbs. They received $525.00

Fourth Place was the team of Kent Oakley and Mike Barnes with a five fish limit that weighed 14.36 lbs. The team also caught the second Biggest Bass of the tournament that weighed 4.72 lbs. They received $504.00 in prize money.

Fifth Place was the team of Dave Blume and Art Griggs with a five fish limit that weighed 14.26 lbs. they received $270.00

Sixth Place and our final payout spot was the team of Cecil Dickson and Brett McCully with a five fish limit weighing 14.07 lbs. They received $216.00.

Seventh Place and our “Just Out of The Money” award sponsored by Riverview Marine was the team of Jim Griffin and Mike Blazier with a five fish limit weighing 13.93 lbs. Their entry fee of $150 was refunded.

The “Last Place Consolation Prize” sponsored by Reynolds Towing went to the team of Mark and Mike Busch with one fish weighing 1.70 lbs. Two Kistler LTA Helium fishing rods valued at over $500 were awarded to the team.

The “Big Bass” of the tournament was caught by the team of Mark Dyer and Dave Gelsthorpe with a largemouth that weighed 5.50 lbs. giving them $180 and the Big Bass plaque.

8th Place – Steve Riddle / Clint Seaman – 5 fish -13.87
9th Place – Jason Waldschmidt / Marc Mixell – 5 fish – 13.63
10th Place – Todd Crozier / Ryan Foust – 5 fish – 13.48
11th Place – Lance Freeman / Phil Santefort – 5 fish – 13.11
12th Place – Kerry Malone / Cory Malone – 5 fish – 12.97
13th Place – Dick Williams / John Stillabower – 5 fish – 12.35
14th Place – Chuck Fry / Chase McCumsey – 5 fish – 11.69
15th Place – Marlan Brown / Debbie Brown – 5 fish – 11.64
16th Place – Paul Ruedi / Daniel Ruedi – 5 fish – 11.50
17th Place – Bryan Thrasher / Jeff Henson – 5 fish – 11.44
18th Place – Tim Potts / Justin Williams – 5 fish – 11.39
19th Place – Troy Boley / Terry Adair – 5 fish – 11.01
20th Place – Dale McCumsey / H.R. Kirby – 5 fish – 10.13
21st Place - Bobby Hawes / Glen Bates – 4 fish – 9.64
22nd Place – Brent Sporleder / Kevin Cupp – 2 fish – 8.32
23rd Place – Mark Dyer / Dave Gelsthorpe – 2 fish – 7.97
24th Palce – Robert Glosa / Terry Kennedy – 4 fish – 7.76
25th Palce – Jeff Toomer / Jon Toomer – 3 fish – 7.32
26th Place – Bryan Williams / Matthew Williams – 2 fish – 5.29
27th Place – Ryan Hopping / Joey Santor – 2 fish – 5.16
28th Place – Gary Montgomery / Ed Camacho – 2 fish – 4.72
29th Place – Mark Busch / Mike Busch – 1 fish – 1.70
30th Place – James Ferrell / Jim Ferrell – 0 fish – 0