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Fishers of Men

Central Illinois Division

Clinton Lake

June 14, 2008

The Friday night pre-tournament meeting was held at the Weldon Village Hall in Weldon, IL. The fifty anglers who attended the meeting were blessed by an abundant supply of Monical’s Pizza and salad, Yum!! After supper we listened to the testimony of two of our fellow anglers and it was powerful! Jesse Lopez and Jim Ferrell both had an addiction that was destroying their lives and the lives of those closest to them, but God has the power to change anyone’s circumstances if we would just let Him in. Three people gave their lives to Christ through the power of these two testimonies. Three others rededicated their lives to the Lord. God is good!  

Saturday morning was warm with temperatures in the upper sixties and a light breeze of about fifteen miles per hour. As safe light approached the thirty one teams began lining up inside the break wall at the Clinton Marina. Once all the teams were ready the director had everyone turn off their motors and prayed a blessing over the field of anglers. There is nothing like praying to the Father first thing in the morning. It always makes for a good day. The water level was up about two feet and very stained but that did not stop 9 teams from catching a limit of 5 bass.

The team of Travis Boley of Weldon and John McKinney of Mahomet barely edged out the win by three tenths of a pound with 12.60 pounds. They reported catching their fish by flipping the weed edges in shallow water all over the lake. In the afternoon they switched to Carolina rigged soft plastics. They won $1,314.50 in prize money. They also are eligible for a $1,000 Skeeter Real Money Bonus for fishing out of a Skeeter boat. 

Second place was the team of Phil Santefort and Lance Freeman, both from Loda with another limit of fish weighing 12.32 pounds earning them $760.50.  They reported catching their fish flipping soft plastics in the weeds and had their limit by 8:30 that morning. They culled 1 fish at 9:00 which was the last fish they caught.


Third place was Bryan Williams from Mahomet and Michael Sanders from Monticello with 5 fish weighing 11.67 pounds earning them $553. Fourth place was Ian Estes and Dave Williams both from Mahomet with 5 fish weighing 10.84 pounds earning them $335. Fifth place was Steve Riddle from Farmer City and Clint Seaman from Weldon with 5 fish weighing 10.61 pounds earning them $279.  Sixth place was Bobby Hawes and Tom Followell both from Clinton with 5 fish weighing 10.37 pounds earning them $223.  The big bass of the tournament weighed 4.57 pounds and was caught by Chase McCumsey from Farmer City earning his team $186.  Todd Crozier from Farmer City caught the second biggest bass of the tournament weighing 4.15 pounds earning his team $124.


7th Chase McCumsey / Chuck Fry – 3 Fish – 9.64 lbs

8th Kent Oakley / Mike Barnes – 5 Fish – 9.57 lbs

9th  Tim Rivest / Heather Rivest – 5 Fish – 9.51 lbs.

10th Brad Lutz / Kyle Danhausen – 5 Fish – 9.38 lbs

11th Troy Boley / Terry Adair – 3 Fish – 8.76 lbs

12th Jack Peplow / Bob Nelson – 4 Fish – 8.41 lbs

13th Terry Potts / Justin Williams – 4 Fish – 7.45 lbs

14th Jeff Cooley / Brad Miller – 3 Fish – 7.05 lbs

15th Cecil Dickson / Brett McCully – 3 Fish – 6.48 lbs

16th Roger Shaw / Wayne Shaw – 4 Fish – 5.91 lbs

17th Todd Crozier / Joe McKinney – 2 Fish – 5.51 lbs

18th Ray Jones / John Prescott – 2 Fish – 5.15 lbs

19th Marlan Brown / Debbie Brown – 3 Fish – 5.08 lbs

20th Dave Blume / Art Griggs – 2 Fish – 4.95 lbs

21st Dale McCumsey / H. R. Kirby – 2 Fish – 4.59 lbs

22nd Chris Hall / Gary Menard – 2 Fish – 3.86 lbs

23rd Mark Vos / Daniel Ruedi – 2 Fish – 3.81 lbs

24th Brent Steinberg / Justin McConkey – 2 Fish – 3.34 – lbs

25th Jeff Toomer / Jon Toomer – 1 Fish – 1.90 lbs

26th Ryan Boswell / Austin Boswell – 1 Fish – 1.40 lbs

27th Jesse Lopez / Anthony Lopez – 0.00

27th Ed Mlotek / Andrew Mlotek – 0.00

27th Brent Sporleder / Kevin Cupp – 0.00

27th Bryan Thrasher / Jeff Henson – 0.00

27th Jason Waldschmidt / Marc Mixell – 0.00


Total Teams                            31

Total Fish Weighed       88               

Total Fish Released       84

Total Weight                 190.16 lbs

Ave. Weight/Fish           2.16 lbs


We would like to thank our local sponsors who make it possible to have such a wonderful division.

Kirchner Building Centers

Sam’s Club

Clinton IGA

Peterson Insurance

Rural King

Lincoln Christian College

The Boondock’s


          We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the fine companies that make Fishers of Men possible; Triton Boats, Mercury, Shakespeare, All Star Rods, Pflueger, Strike King Lure Company, Reese Marine Towpower,  XTools, Solar Bat, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, Berkley, Keelshield, Grace Full Gospel Church, MotorGuide, SOSPENDERS, Marshall’s Marine Lake City SC, Kistler,  Mizmo Bait Company, Dual Pro Charger,  , Buckeye Lures,  Stanley Jigs,  Deka Marine Master Batteries, Spike-It, Jacobs Glass, Poor Boys Baits, T&H Marine, Rejuvenade, and Keep Alive Oxygen Infusers


Our next event will be July 11th and 12th on Clinton Lake. Deadline for entry fees for this tournament is July 5th. The Friday night meeting will be held at the Clinton Assembly of God in Clinton, IL. Dinner will be served at 6:30 PM. If you would like more information on any of our events please contact us.


Carl Parks – Director Fishers of Men Illinois Central

204 Wilsey Ln.

Sidney IL, 61877


God bless