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Fishers of Men
Central Illinois Division
Clinton Lake
May 2 2009

 by Carl Parks

The Central Illinois Division of Fishers of Men held their second Bass tournament of the season on Clinton Lake.
The Friday night pre-tournament meeting was held at the First Christian Church in Clinton where sixty four people gathered to enjoy a great time of food and fellowship. The anglers and their families were treated to Monicals Pizza with homemade brownies for desert. After dinner Randy Boltinghouse who is the pastor of Windsor Road Christian Church in Champaign gave an awesome message from the Word of God. He spoke about the prodigal son and how it was not just the younger brother who was lost but also the older brother. From hearing the message one person gave their life to the Lord and many rededicated their lives to follow Jesus. Amen!

Phil Santefort and Lance Freeman

The weather was pleasant Saturday morning with temperatures in the upper fourties with winds at five to ten miles an hour and water temps ranging from the seventies on the warm side of the lake to the low sixties on the cold side. There was significant cloud cover in the morning which gave the thirty four teams who were competing some time to catch fish before the sun popped out and shut off the bite. The clouds again returned in the afternoon which made them bite again according to one team who brought in a limit of five bass. Out of thirty four teams twelve limits were brought to the scales, but the winning weight was caught by the team of Phil Santefort and Lance Freeman with a limit of bass weighing 18.28 lbs.They reported catching all their bass before 9:30 AM on Eironbreaker Jigs in the back of a cove. Phil and Lance received $1,423.00 in prize money and some beautiful plaques to commemorate their win.

Second Place was the father and son team of George and Ian Estes with a limit of bass weighing 14.50 lbs. They received $822.00 for their efforts.

Third Place was the team of Brent Sporleder and Kevin Cupp with a five bass limit that weighed 14.42 lbs. They received $597.00 in prize money.

Fourth Place was another father and son team. Paul and Daniel Ruedi caught five bass that weighed 14.09 lbs with a kicker that was the second big bass of the tournament. It was a largemouth that weighed 5.25 lbs. They earned $504.00 in prize money.

Fifth Place was the team of Brad Lutz and Sean Orr with a limit that weighed 14.04 lbs. they received $306.00 and also are currently in the lead in the points race.

Sixth Place and the final payout spot was awarded to Travis Boley and John McKinney with five bass that weighed 13.89 lbs. which earned them $244.00.

Seventh Place and the "Just out of the money award" sponsored by Riverview Marine was given to Tim Potts and Justin Williams with a limit weighing 12.89 lbs and the Big Bass of the tournament with a Largemouth weighing 5.65 lbs. They received the Big Bass Plaque and $354.00.

The "Last Place Consolation Prize" sponsored by Reynolds Towing was awarded to the team of Jeff and Jon Toomer. This father and son team caught the smallest fish and earned them two Kistler Helium LTA fishing rods valued at more than $500.

8th - Mike Barnes / Kent Oakley - 5 fish - 12.0 lbs
9th - Jim Griffin / Mike Blazier - 5 fish - 11.5 lbs
10th - Steve Riddle / Clint Seaman - 5 fish - 10.85 lbs
11th - John Stillabower / Dick Williams - 4 fish - 9.35 lbs
12th - Bryan Thrasher / Jeff Henson - 5 fish - 9.3 lbs
13th - Todd Crozier / Ryan Foust - 3 fish - 8.76 lbs
14th - Jason Waldschmidt / Marc Mixell - 3 fish - 8.02 lbs
15th - Ryan Hopping / Joey Santor - 2 fish - 6.0 lbs
16th - Mark Busch / Mike Busch - 4 fish - 5.84 lbs
17th - Brett McCully / Cecil Dickson - 2 fish - 5.72 lbs
18th - Dave Blume / Art Griggs - 2 fish - 5.7 lbs
19th - Kerry Malone / Cory Malone - 2 fish - 5.33 lbs
20th - Marlan Brown / Debbie Brown - 2 fish - 5.23 lbs
21st - Bryan Williams / Matthew Williams - 2 fish - 5.14 lbs
22nd - Mark Deyer / Dave Gelsthorpe - 2 fish - 4.73 lbs
23rd - Tim Rivest / Brian Baker - 2 fish - 4.25 lbs
24th - Mark McLean / Jill McLean - 1 fish - 4.10 lbs
25th - Bobby Hawes / Glen Bates - 2 fish - 3.94 lbs
26th - Troy Boley / Terry Adair - 1 fish - 2.59 lbs
27th - Roger Massey / Bob Turney - 1 fish - 1.78 lbs
28th - Greg Reynolds / Wayne Peters - 1 fish - 1.74
29th - Brent Steinberg / Justin McConkey - 1 fish - 1.71 lbs
30th - Jeff Toomer / Jon Toomer - 1 fish - 1.46 lbs
T31st - Gary Montgomery / Ed Camacho
T31st - Chuck Fry / Chase McCumsey
T31st - Dale McCumsey / H.R. Kirby
T31st - Michael Leake / Brandon Bacon

Total Number Boats 34
Total Fish Weighed 93 - 237.15 lbs
Total Fish Released 92
Average Fish Per Team - 2
Average Weight Per Fish - 2.55 lbs

Fishers of Men would like to acknowledge
and thank our local sponsors for their
support of this ministry.

Kirchner Building Centers

Reynold’s Towing

Riverview Marine

Clinton Wal-Mart

Clinton IGA

Peterson Insurance

The Boondock’s

Eco Water

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the fine companies that make Fishers of Men possible; Triton Boats, Mercury, Strike King Lure Company, Markel Marine Insurance, Solar Bat, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, Power-Pole, Kistler, Berkley, Keelshield, Grace Full Gospel Church, MotorGuide, Lowrance,Marshall’s Marine Lake City SC, Mizmo Bait Company, Dual Pro Charger, Buckeye Lures, Stanley Jigs, Spike-It, Jacobs Glass, Logan Fire Apparatus, T&H Marine, Rejuvenade, and Keep Alive Oxygen Infusers

Our next event will be June 13th on Clinton Lake. If you would like more information on any of our events contact the director Carl Parks at 217-621-1386 or e-mail