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Eric Foister resides in Huntington , IN with his wife Shelley and daughter Savannah . His full time profession is Boys Basketball Coach and Science Teacher at Huntington North HS.  His other passion is Bass Tournament Fishing.  He has been tournament fishing for the last 9 years and fishing since he was old enough to walk thanks to his fatherís love of the outdoors.

Kentucky Lake Journal

March 7-9, 2008

My partner and I decided to head down Thursday night to beat the weather system that was moving in with snow.  It proved to be a good decision.  We arrive late Thurs nigh to pre-fish for a Midwest Sportsman Team Tournament on Sunday, March 9th out of Kuttawa, Lake Barkley.  Since our buddies were down the week before and hammered the fish on Ky Lake we decided weather permitting we would fish the Blood River Area of KY Lake.

Fri, March 7th

We put in at Fenton right of hwy 68 and just worked main lake points.  It was 33 degrees and water temp 45-47 degrees.  Forecast was for 4-10 inches of snow that night. The water was clear most of the way down to just past Blood River where it stained up a little. I started out cranking an Olive colored Wiggle wart and Clint Gradeless was alternating between a Pointer 78 JB and a spinnerbait.  We picked up two solid 3lbers off a main lake transition bank and the fish were in 8ft of water with 20 plus very close.  We made our way down the lake and picked up several more good fish off both main lake and deep secondary points.  The big key was to find right where the point flattened out and went from 18í-6í.  Almost all the fish were on that lip.  When you caught one you caught several.  We duplicated that on 3 other main lake points. As the afternoon came around so did the snow flurries.  As we went further south the water stained up and the fish moved to more flat gravel banks adjacent to deep water and points.  We had one stretch that we had 7 keepers and 2 close to 4lbs off one 80 yd stretch of bank.  We had 20-25 keepers for the day and close to 18lbs.  A good solid day but no big fish.  With the week before taking 29lbs and well over 20 for a check we knew we had our work cut out for us.

 Sat, March 8th

We had over 8 inches of snow overnight.  Everything just shut down.  We knew it would melt but it was noon before we could get on the water.  Long story short we blazed a trail and cleaned off a ramp in Sugar bay for us to fish.  It was a tougher day.  Bluebird skies and north wind. The water had really stained up compared to Thursday.  We did duplicate the same bite but mainly on secondary points.  Clint did finally catch a nice 3 lb smallmouth on a 1.5 RC in Bull Bream color.  The most surprising thing of the day is I caught 3 keepers on the new Flick Shake Wacky Worm Jig Head.  They ate it well.  We bounced around from Sugar, Duncan, and Rhodes creeks and had 12 keepers but nothing over 3lbs.  Most did come off a Slender Pointer Chart Blue 115 size. I think the bigger profile was a key in the slightly stained water. Bad news ended the day.  The tournament was canceled for Sun.

 Sun, March 9th

We decided to fish the areas we had on Fri just to simulate a tourney day.  We figured we had an hour run from Kuttawa to Blood River.  So we put in at Jones around 8 am.  The water was much more stained than Friday.  Water temps were 45-46 and the wind was coming out of the south 10mph.  Bright sun with some clouds.  At our first stop I pick up a solid 3lber on a Sec point.  We moved down the bank a little and Clint whacks a 5.25 on a Pointer in a Clown type color.  While he is fighting the fish I get a 3.75 on a Wiggle Wart at the same time.  We follow that up with another 2.75.  In the first 20 minutes we have almost 15 lbs on 4 fish.   We go to our next stop in Rushing creek and we both get 2 solid 3.5 fish on crankbaits within 30 yards of each other.  Now we have close to 19 lbs.  We bounce back and forth and catch several more keepers but nothing that would help.  Around 1pm we decide to head back to spot number 1 and I immediately get a 7.25lber on a crankbait.  30 yards later I get a 5.5lber.  Both fish crushed the crankbait.  The big fish came in about 5 ft of water on a transition bank.  The other came off the point itself in 14 ft.  It was suspended off the end.  All in all we had a great day.  We had 25lbs.  It was the most weight I have had on Kentucky Lake.  We figured we would at least be in the money.  I think this will be a banner year for both lakes.  Next up March 22nd for the Jeta-Marine Tournament.  It should be a slug fest!!


Eric Foister





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