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Hello,  My name is Derek ďDukeĒ Jenkel.  My given name is Derek, but Iím known as Duke to many.  I live in Southern Illinois and when Iím not at my regular job, Iím either fishing or in the fall Iím guiding waterfowl hunts. I started fishing at the age of 6 and if my dad had known what he was going to cause, I think he would have thought twice about taking me fishing.  Iíve been blessed to be able to compete in over 20 tournaments a year for the past several years, which has increased my understanding of fish habits and how to exploit them.  My tournament performances have escalated each year due to the amount of exposure to continual changing situations and new waters.  My ultimate goal is to make fishing my full-time profession. 

Due to some new changes in my life, I have been able to chase my dream; I am currently participating in the FLW Series and the FLW tour.  I have entered all of the FLW Series Eastern Division events on the Professional side and in an effort to continue to learn and stay involved in the sport of competitive fishing I have entered the FLW tour on the co-angler side.  I also intend to compete in as many BFL and Illinois Bass Federation events as my schedule will allow.

 I am single, with the no children and have been fishing and waterfowl hunting for over twenty years.  16 of the waterfowl hunting years have been spent as a hunting guide at Pikeís Hunting Club.

 I would feel at a loss if I didnít speak of my faith, I am extremely fortunate to have been born into a family with strong Christian beliefs, their beliefs lead me to be exposed to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.  Undoubtedly, my faith plays a large role in my successes as a fisherman, as well as in my everyday life.

 My current sponsors are GLoomis Rods, Penetrater Weights, Maxima Fishing Line, Lunker Lure, Cottonmouth Lures, Svanda Motor Group,

 Good Luck and Good Fishing!!






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