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I live in central Illinois a short 5 minute drive from Lake Shelbyville. I have had the opportunity to compete in both the old Midwest Bass circuit and the BFL. In these circuits I fished as a non-boater and managed to be in the top 30 percent until a job promotion took away the time to compete. I did however manage to come up with a boat that helped keep my desire to fish going.

I really got hooked on fishing while about the age of 10 when I went with and Uncle and his son fishing. They were both using what at the time were topnotch bait-casting rigs and I was using a cane pole. Will I out fished them on that day. I was hooked and soon I was at the sporting good store buying my first casting rod and reel.

I retired in 2005 from a supervisory position at a national cabinet manufacturing facility. Shortly before I retired I managed to up grade to a Ranger boat. Retirement has given me the opportunity to spend some much needed time on the water and meet some great folks who enjoy the sport of fishing.

In 2005 I managed to get hooked on acting as boat captain for anglers in the Paralyzed Veterans Association Bass Tour. I have since that first event made several more and plan to continue this rewarding time with some great guys/gals who have given of themselves to this great country.

Also in 2005 I saw a request for anglers to help take kids fishing on Rend Lake in Southern Illinois put on by United Special Sportsman Alliance. That was really something to take a young man and his dad out. The boy who is confined to a wheelchair hooked a fish. With a lot of moral support from dad he manage to land a 15-inch largemouth. The expression on his face was beyond words.  Again in 2006 the event took place on Rend Lake with another group of great kids.

Right now I am trying to do some mapping with my GPS and Depthfinder in cooperation with ‘outdoorcontours.com’. From this project I have been able to discover some structure that before has only been speculation as to what the depthfinder was showing. I now have three-dimensional views that give me a much better picture of the structure. 

I hope that in some small way I can contribute to a young person (or older as well) learning to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it be in participating in tournaments or just the joy of fishing.




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