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WI BASS Federation Nation  

Laufenberg and Bodsberg Win on the Wolf River Chain!

Cade Laufenberg and Michael Bodsberg win their respective age groups at the WBFN Jr. State tournament in Oshkosh, WI 6/28/2009.

June 28, 2009 marked the date of the 2009 Wisconsin BASS Federation Nation Jr. State tournament held on the Wolf River Chain out of Rainbow Park, Oshkosh, WI. A winner from each age group of 11-14 and 15-18 would be decided and would advance to the 2009 Jr. Northern Divisional at Escanaba, MI on August 18th. In addition, this years State tournament added a 10 and under age group for younger competitors to get a feel for tournament fishing. Though no anglers from this age group would advance on to the divisional, it is still a very exciting experience for them and one that they will not soon forget.
At 5:00 AM Sunday morning, the 16 boats were launched into a 25+ mph west wind that would truly put the field of anglers to the test. To boot, a 55+ boat tournament was taking off in Winneconne at 6:00 AM along with a couple of typical club tournaments to add to the competition for fish. Despite all of the challenges, the 2009 Jr. State tournament was still a huge success. 23 of 32 anglers caught fish, and 4 limits were brought to the scales. Not bad for a junior tournament on beat and stubborn waters. At the top of the 15-18 year old age group was a group of 3 River Roads Junior Bassmasters that rose to the top outside of their home water. In first place was Cade Laufenberg with 5 for 11.12 lbs, in a close second was Jared Larue with 5 for 10.90 lbs, and coming in with a limit of 9.50lbs was Tony Hundt. Rounding out the top 3 of the 11-14 year old age group was Michael Bodsberg with 5 fish for 8.98 lbs, Noah Lindus with 4 for 6.56 and Josh Lee with 2 for 6.04.

Lizzie Michalski was the 10 and under champion bringing in a 1.94 lb bass.
Big bass of the 11-14 age group was awarded to Josh Lee with a nice 3.52 lb smallmouth.
In the 15-18 age group big bass went to Jared Larue with a 2.84lb largemouth.

Winning Patterns:
For the most part, the anglers targeted largemouth on Lake Butte de Morts and Winneconne. Most anglers reported catching many fish but catching fish over 2 lbs was much more difficult task. Key baits for Sunday were a swim jig, senko, sweet beaver, and frog. Cade Laufenberg spent the day flipping Sweet Beavers along seawalls and docks. He then relied on a frog late in the day to find a very important 2.62 lb largemouth in 6” of water in the back of a dock slip on the Fox River. Jared Larue found fish throwing swim jigs and plastics around the 41 bridge area and just south of Winneconne in the wolf river. Tony Hundt also used the same pattern, catching a lot of fish on a senko in Winneconne before moving down to the 41 bridge area where he caught several more keepers on swim jigs and plastics. All of the anglers from Winnebago but one went home without hardware. Josh Lee found a couple of the right sized smallmouth, including a 3-1/2 lb pig that helped him achieve a 3rd place finish and big bass, but the wind was too hot to handle and the anglers couldn’t stay put.
Overall the 2009 State tournament was a very well run tournament and a great success. The WBFN will send two eager representatives to divisionals and hopes that they will represent Wisconsin well. This tournament could not be made possible without the efforts of Jeff Dyer, Mike McQuitty, Brian and Lisa Beebe, Bill and Patty Parbs, and Chris and Jen Wenzal.

15-18 Age Group # Weight BB
1.Cade Laufenberg 5 11.12 2.62
2.Jared LaRue 5 10.90 2.84
3.Tony Hundt 5 9.50 2.36
4.Cody Prellwitz 4 8.08 2.76
5.Ryan Meyerhofer 3 6.36 2.44
6.Paul Markowski 3 6.26 2.32
7.Ryan Welsh 4 5.72 1.54
8.Andrew Behnke 2 4.08 2.76
9.Aaron Bodsberg 2 3.06 1.58
10.Nick Gumms 1 2.10 2.10
11.Cory McCarty 1 1.84 1.84
12.Ben Meyerhofer 1 1.82 1.82
13.Max Brovarney 1 1.76 1.76
14.Ben Winn 1 1.46 1.46
15.Cole Markowski 1 1.44 1.44
16.Justin Mork

11-14 Age Group # Weight BB
1.Micheal Bodsberg 5 8.98 2.72
2.Noah Lindus 4 6.56 1.82
3.Josh Lee 2 6.04 3.52
4.Shane McQuitty 3 5.54 1.98
5.Billy Cote 3 4.82 1.82
6.Tanner Wisemiller 1 1.76 1.76
7.Duncan Williams 1 1.48 1.48
8.Mitch Standik
8.Louis Lozano
8.Jacob Singerhouse
8.Sam Lemens
8.Ross Lemens
8.Austin Hopfensperger
8.Jake Shiltz

10 & Under # Weight BB
1.Lizzie Michalski 1 1.94 1.94
2.Jack Skaar