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I was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, I now live 10 minutes from Lake Minnetonka and consider it one of my favorite bodies of water to fish, along with the Mississippi River from LaCrosse to Prairie Du Chien, and numerous smaller lakes in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. While largemouth bass fishing is my original love, I've recently become addicted to fishing smallies in river systems, reservoirs and lakes. I plan on fishing the MN BASS circuit, some BFL events and a few other smaller local tournaments in 2006. I am also in the process of trying to get on the MN DNR bass fishery advisory committee. 

Although I enjoy fishing for Muskie and Walleye from time to time I concentrate most of my fishing efforts on bass.  My family introduced me to bass fishing when I was very young, I continue to spend most of my time on the water with family or friends. I have gradually advanced from shore and pier fishing to fishing out of small boats, and finally into a boat that allows me to fish wherever I want to.  

While I have fished my whole life, I am relatively new to tournament fishing.  I fished two years as a non-boater and now fish as a boater.  I have come to love the sport and look to further heighten my involvement in it.  Fishing in the big leagues has been a dream of mine for a long time , I will continue to chase that dream as I become more and more involved in the sport.  I always look forward to networking within the industry and as always can't wait to get back on the water !


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