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Angler Profile


Derek Remitz, Minnesota’s Native Son.

By David Cindrich


Rarely does an angler make such a statement as Derek Remitz has in just a couple of years in the professional bass fishing.  The last time talk to Derek we where impressed with a few good showings he had in a few events. As a matter of fact the title of the article was “Who is Derek Remitz” The year the article ran, Derek earned A.O.Y title in the B.A.S.S. Northern Opens. The A.O.Y title earned Derek a birth in the 2006 Bass Master Classic and a seat in the 2007BassMasters Elites.

What happened next, I don’t think anyone expected, except Derek.Derek made a statement heard around the world of professional bass fishing. Derek made Elite history in his first event by winning Lake Amistad 2007 and followed that win with a second place finish on the Delta. It looked like nothing was going to stop this young rookie. Derek earned the R.O.Y title and a birth in the 2008 BassMaster Classic.

We all know who he is now “The Wolverine” a mild mannered professional angler that knows how to get the job done and close the deal. Being the tournament angler he is, Derek also fished the F.L.W BP Eastern Division Tournaments placing 25 over all for the year and qualified for the East West Fish Off,  and a chance for a birth in the 2008 F.L.W. Tour Championship. Between F.L.W. and B.A.S.S Derek earned just under $250,000 in 2007 alone. Derek spent about 200 days on the water between tournaments and prefishing.

 Now that we have an overview of Derek’s 2007 season, let’s talk about one of Derek’s strongest techniques, football jig fishing. Derek picked up and refined the technique a few years ago when he met Elite angler Ben Matsubu from Arizona, in Arizona  football jig that is one of the favorite techniques  and in Derek’s opinion, Ben is the best football jig angler on tour. Ben learned the tech. from John Murray and we all know, John knows a thing or two about fishing deep structure.

 Derek has created a New Omega Signature Series Football Jig, the new jig has an improved Mustad hook with a 90% bend. Derek says the new jig is very well balanced that allows for better contact with the bottom.

Derek Remitz Signature Jig Head

                            New for 2008 Omega Derek Remitz Signature Jig.

 Derek likes to use the Omega Football jig as a search bait, throwing an one ounce jig and fish it as fast as he can, then if he see’s something he likes on his graph or has a good feeling, he slows down and starts to fish slowly.  

If he feels he will get a bite he may down size to a 3 ¾ ounce football jig. In the spring time, typically Derek will start by fishing a little slower, just drag and pick up slack, drag and pick up slack, not really hopping it at all. When the water starts to warm up, he then will start stroking and hopping the jig faster.

Football jig fishing is usually considered a deep water technique, but Derek is quick to point out that it can be very effective shallow water technique as well. This year on Clarksville reservoir Derek fished a ¾ ounce football jig in 2-4 f.o.w. He would throw to the bank and keep a fast steady retrieve.

 Derek also points out the football jig can be fished in spares vegetation, but when the vegetation gets to thick he turns to the Omega Grass Jigs or  the Omega Swimjig that he help to develop. Being from the north Derek was swimjig fishing long before he hit the National scene. Derek points out that the swimjig is very efficient all around the country, but also points out that you need a quality swimjig that will not roll and must track straight and the Omega Swimjig has those quality’s. For Derek and most of the Elite Field the jig is still the bread and butter of most pro’s on tour, he believes about 50% of the Elite BassMaster events in 2007 where won on some type of jig.

 I had to ask Derek if there is anything that excites him in the bass world for 2008 and he was quick to point out the HummingBird Side Imaging Units. Derek figures about 15 of the Elite BassMasters are running the HummingBird SI units, but figures that number will increase as the rest of the field catches on, but also points out he also runs a Lowrance and uses while fishing. The HummingBird SI is for searching and delivers remarkable results. The Lowrance is used while fishing.

 Derek is currently heading to the F.L.W. East/ West Fish Off on Lake Amistad to try and earn a birth in the 2008 F.L.W. Championship. Derek is looking for the same success as the last time he visited the Lake and was the first rookie to win an Elite BassMaster event. He is also looking forward to Kentucky Lake and Fort Madison, he says Fort Madison really suits his style of fishing, shallow and grassy.  From the F.L.W East/ West Fish Off, he will head to the 2008 BassMasters Classic.

 As an amateur angler, I always like ask top level anglers what we as amateur tournament anglers need to do to obtain the knowledge to fish at a higher level.  Derek recommends B.A.S.S. Federation Nation. Derek was a member of Sunrise Bassmasters in North Branch Minnesota, although he was only a member for a couple of years, the knowledge, comradely and learning about tournaments was a very important step in his career.

 This year in the 2008 history will be made! The first time two Minnesota anglers will be in the same BassMaster Classic. Derek Remitz and Brent Haimes, who qualified for a birth via Federation Nation!

For this Minnesota bass tournament fan it can not get any better!

Best of luck to Brent and to  Derek Remitz a.k.a. “The Woverine Minnesota’s Native Son.          


 Derek’s sponsors:




 Derek will be running the Omega Custom Tackle boat wrap again this year. Omega has   developed the "Derek Remitz Signature Series Football Head Jig" which will be available at the beginning of Feb., 2008. The jig can be purchased on Omegas' web site.


   Also please visit Derek's web site to keep up on all the events and news for the 2008 season.