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Angler Profile

By David Cindrich


Derek Remitz 10th Place at Big O

Who is Derek Remitz? Chances are most have never heard the name, simply because Derek has done something that most would never consider. It is common practice for anglers to fish tournaments locally for a period time before moving up to a national or even regional level. Derek has taken an unusual route and for the most part bypassed local tournament experience. While the majority would feel this would be a huge mistake it may just pay big dividends for this young angler from North Branch, Minnesota.

Derek grew up fishing primarily Rush Lake in Northern Minnesota, his family has owned a cabin on the lake for many years and Rush and surrounding lakes is where Derek’s passion for bass fishing developed. He did fish a few local team tournaments with his uncle when he was younger but eventually the work commitments of living on a family farm no longer allowed him to compete locally.

To fish competitively Derek would have to do so when work allowed. This meant he would have to leave the area to fish during the late fall to early spring of the year. In 2003 Derek signed up on the non boater side of the Bassmaster tour and logged three top 20 finishes and qualified for the Open Championship, where he finished in a respectable 27th place. In 2004 he moved to the Pro side of the opens and logged two top 50 finishes. Last year Derek once again fished the Pro side of the Central Opens but also added the Missouri Bassmaster weekend series to his schedule. He finished in the top 20 three times in the series events including a second place finish on Grand Lake, Oklahoma.

Derek is now 23 years old and has three years of experience fishing across the country. He kicked off the 2006 season fishing the Bassmaster Southern Tour at lake Okeechobee with a solid 10th place finish! Derek’s Bassmaster career winnings add up to $16,788.68. Last year Derek purchased a trailer in Hempsville, Texas near Toledo Bend Lake to reduce traveling time during the tour dates but still lives in North Branch, Minnesota when he’s not touring.

We had the opportunity to talk Derek’s mother Judy for a short time, she was quick to point out how proud the family was of Derek. The family has always and will continue to support Derek in his wish to fish at the national level.


Favorite baits and tactics:

 Jerk bait fishing, and flipping tubes or any kind of creature bait.
Derek feels that his Minnesota Lake experience and knowledge of flipping grass was key to his 40.8 pound total and 10th place finish at Lake Okeechobee.

Derek excels at fishing shallow grass and heavy cover.
The last few years he has been drop shooting quite often and it is quickly becoming a favorite tactic of his as he travels to some of the clear water reservoirs of the south.


With the strong start of the season Derek hopes to earn a berth into the Bassmaster Classic. The Bassmaster Elite is on his radar as well and he hopes to develop a stronger relationship with Triton boats and obtain additional sponsors.

 Okeechobee Recap:  

Derek fished the same small area for three days. Day one his keepers came by punching the matt with various baits. He ended the day with a five bass limit weighing 15 pounds 9 ounces.

Day two the pattern disappeared as cloud cover had the fish roaming, he made a switch to fishing the outside edges of the matt with an 1/8 ounce Texas rigged Gambler Stick and a ¼ ounce Texas rigged Sweet Beaver. Derek ended the day with a total weight of 10 pounds 5 ounces.

Day 3 was much like day two as cloud cover kept the fish from locking under the matt. Total weight for the day was 14 pounds 10 ounces giving him a three-day total of 40 pounds 8 ounces and placing him in a tie for the tenth position!

Keep an eye out for Derek this season, you may just be watching a young man from Minnesota heading to the top of the heap in Professional Bass fishing by taking an unusual route. His decision “although not by choice” to not gain local tournament experience may just end up paying bigger dividends in the near future!