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Angler Profile

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By Jeremiah Shaver

Aaron LaRocque and Joe Hall

Have you ever gone to a tournament and during the dock talk hear the phrases: “Watch out for those guys” or “Those guys are the team to beat”?  Well if you fish in the upper Mississippi pool regions, you’ve probably heard that about Joe Hall and Aaron LaRocque.   These guys have been dominating team tournaments over the past 6 years – take a look at some of their accomplishments.. 

  • 2006: 3rd Place Team Supreme Championship

  • 2005: Horizon Award Winners KFAN/St Jude- Most Improved fundraising from 2004
             6th Place Fishers of Men/ Mississippi River
             1st Place Great River Team Bass Classic (June)
             1st Place Team Supreme North Star
             1st Place Great River Team Bass Classic (July)

  • 2004: Two 2nd place finishes and a 3rd place finish in Denny’s River Circuit
             3rd Place Rudy Wozney Memorial Tournament

  • 2003: 1st Place Great River Open

  • 2002: 2nd Place KFAN/St. Jude Team Classic

  • 2001: 4th Place KFAN/St. Jude Team Classic

  • 1999: 3rd Place Denny’s Fall Classic

I got a chance to meet up with them to discuss a few things about their team and about their fishing prowess.

 How long have you two been partners?
We started fishing some small local tournaments in the summer of 96’ but moved up to larger team events in 99’.  I think we were drawn to tournaments like most people are; you watch a weigh-in on your home water and your immediately hooked.

How did you guys meet up and decide to fish together?
At the time we started fishing there were not many guys from our area that fished for bass.  I guess it seemed like the most logical choice because everyone else was chasing Walleye…yes I said it, Walleye.

What tournaments do you fish together?
We fish the Team Supreme Trail, as well as any other local team tournaments.

 What would you consider your biggest win/favorite win?
It would have to be last summer when we won 3 in a row.  It really helped our confidence level after a shaky spring.

Whose boat do you fish out of?
Normally Aarons’

What is your strength's as a team?
Making adjustments when the fish do not want to cooperate and fishing slow when the bite is off.

We both have full-time jobs…kidding; it would have to be catching kicker fish.  I can’t tell you why but we never seem to get that 4-5 lb. fish you need to win a tournament.

What goals do you have as a team?
To never stop learning.  If we do that we should continue to just get better.

What are your individual goals?
Aaron- Win the next tournament… but ultimately who wouldn’t want to fish for a living?
Joe- It would be pretty neat to qualify for the FLW some day and see what happens from there.

*** Joe also fished in the Everstart National Championships last year…*** 

In addition to the local team events, Aaron will be fishing the Silverado Trail and Joe will be fishing the Stren series.  Aaron is sponsored by Bob’s bait and tackle in LaCrosse, WI who produces the Lethal weapon swim jig.  Joe is sponsored by John Hall’s Alaska.