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An American Family Success Story



Hundreds of new lures and designs are produced each year but none have exploded onto the scene quite like the ChatterBait. The bait produced by Rad Lures of South Carolina has been a long time in the making. Ron Davis junior stated his father Ron Davis senior has “Tinkered and piddled with different versions of the bait for 25 years” During the time many styles and versions of the bait were created and tested until reaching the final perfected version just less than two years ago. 

The bait went rather unnoticed or should we say hidden until Bryan Thrift won the Southeast division Stren Series at Lake Okeechobee on January 7th 2006. Once the cat was out of the bag many others started proclaiming their success on the bait across the internet. Since that time Rad Lures has taken orders for approximately 250,000 ChatterBaits with no sign of slowing to this point. 

Both Ron Davis junior and Ron Davis senior had been building the baits out of their homes. They had each dedicated a room to the production of the ChatterBait, needless to say they needed help and fast. The two have reached an agreement with Elaztech out of Charleston South Carolina. The company is manufacturer for several high volume tackle companies. At present time the bait is nearly impossible to come by but many retailers should be stocked by the first week of March. If you don’t have yours now you may just have to wait or spend as much as $100.00 for the bait on E-Bay. That’s right, the bait has sold for as high as $100.00 on the internet. 

Rad Lures has several patents pending on the ChatterBait. The patent process is in its 18th month and covers a broad scope of both the blade and bait. They intend to use the patent pending blade design on several new baits and variations to be released soon, some as soon as April of 2006. 

Coming Soon From Rad Lures:

  • Additional colors

  • Flipping model with weed guard.

  • Mini Finesse ChatterBait

  • Larger profiled ChatterBait with Larger Blade

  • Bleeding Bait Series

  • Swimbait Series

Ron Davis is the first to say that the ChatterBait is not a magic lure but there is a time and a place where it is very effective and hard to beat. Seeing this baits unbelievable throbbing action, side to side, swimming motion and ability to “hunt” has made a believer out of many. You can also remove the skirt and replace it with a soft plastic jerk bait for schooling bass. As seen on the video at 

Its hard to see how a bait could be any more in demand than the ChatterBait is right now but there is a small 51 boat event being held in Florida at the end of this month called the BassMaster Classic. You can bet, there will be many of the top pros throwing the ChatterBait and look for it to play a major role at Toho especially if the conditions are "right". The Storm may have just begun for Rad Lures, a father and son who "tinkered and piddled" with building baits in a spare room of their home and produced the hottest tackle item of recent time. The ChatterBait.