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Angler Profile

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By: Darin Roddick-Small


Casey Hewes

I recently had the pleasure of talking to the founder of the well know Wisconsin based swim jig company, Brovarney Baits. Brovarney Baits has a wide variety of swim jig options available from an eighth ounce jig all the way up to a 7/8-ounce jig. They also have listed on their site their Big Thumper line of jigs that weighs in at 9/16-ounce, as well as an assortment of other fine tackle. What follows is some insight as to why Casey Hewes, the President and founder of Brovarney Baits, decided to plunge into the realm of the tackle industry.

A New Name in Swim Jigs

Casey Hewes decided back in June of 2003 that he did not like the way the swim jigs he was using worked, due to what he thought were flaws in construction. Casey has very high standards for his swim jigs and he will only accept the best, anything less, he considers to be flawed. These flaws included, but were not limited to the fact that many swim jigs had hooks that were heated to bend them to the proper angle. The heating process has a tendency to weaken the hooks, which can cause them to break. This along with the type of hooks used caused him great concern. Casey stated that Brovarney baits only uses Gamakatsu hooks in their swim jig line.  Another reason Casey wanted to start the company was to offset the cost of tournament fishing, as many of us know, it is not cheap.

A Face in The Crowd 

One of the things that keeps coming up any time I have the opportunity to talk to Casey about how things are going, it seems like we always have to stop so he can talk to somebody. If you have ever met him, you know what I am talking about. That, Casey said, is one of his favorite things that have happened during the process of starting his company. “I love the people I meet” Casey stated during our phone conversation. Casey went on to tell me about how he gets the opportunity to meet a wide variety of anglers throughout the year. He gets the chance to talk to the weekend anglers, to some of the top name pros. Casey was telling me about a time when he got to talk to Dion Hibdon when he was ordering some baits for himself and his son.

A Proud Moment  

Dan Brovarney

During the time when I was interviewing Casey, we talked about customer service. I told him many times when I am taking to people about the company (Brovarney Baits); people start talking to me about the wonderful customer service they have received. I asked him how that made him feel? Casey stated “Really Good, that is the top priority in our company. The costumer is always right. If something doesn’t work, we try to fix it.”  It doesn’t stop there either. I have had many times, as many others have as well, where I needed something in a hurry for a tournament. Casey and his Father Dan Brovarney, who the company is named after, have rushed to get an order to me. I will be talking about Dan later. Casey has also told me stories of where they would drive to meet up with a person to get the order to them in extreme cases. I know for sure you will not find many companies willing to do that for you.

So why do they go out of their way to keep their costumers happy? “I am proud that people are satisfied with our product and our service”, Casey said. “You do not want people bashing you, 90% of our sales comes from referrals.” If that keeps up, it is my opinion that they will have a hard time keeping up with demand. It is not just the referrals Casey is concerned with though. Once you get to know him, you will find that he is a wonderful person who is genuinely concerned with others. That makes for GREAT costumer service and a strong partnership with the customer.

On The Horizon

So what does the future hold for Brovarney Baits? Casey and I discussed how they are working to improve the hooks for their jigs. They are hoping that this, along with some other changes will allow them to increase their production of the lures and start to send them out to tackle stores.  Even with this increase in production, they will remain local and everything will still be hand made in Wisconsin. This will not happen at the expense of the customer service though. They will also still do the custom jigs as well. Also in the future look forward to some great new products in their jig line. This will include a football head jig, a round head jig and they have recently added the 9/16-ounce big thumper to their line of jigs. The others will be out shortly after they have reached the high standards that have been set for any of the Brovarney Bait line.

Brovarney Swim Jig

People Who Have Made It Happen for Casey

Casey would like to note that none of this would be possible without his father Dan Brovarney. Not only did Dan introduce Casey to the world of competitive bass fishing, he also is the man that makes many of the jigs. Casey jokes about how it would be nice if his dad could get caught up and be “released” from his basement workshop. Seriously though, these two make a tremendous pair in the swim jig world. Dan has been instrumental in every step of the process of building the company and Casey is very thankful for that. Casey would also like to thank Jon and Jennifer Wojak, Rick Bosshard, Bob Bungard, and Dave Norton, who have all been with the company since the start and who have helped to teach him the art of swimming jigs. Lastly, he would like to thank the whole Brovarney Fishing Team for their hard work and support, because without them, none of this would be possible.

If you have ever wondered where someone like Casey gets his drive to be the owner of his own tackle business, it is from his father. As I stated before, Dan Brovarney got Casey into bass fishing by introducing him first to the BASS Federation Club scene. After that he worked his way up to the BFL ranks. Last year however, he took the year off from fishing after the birth of his son. He is now ready though to reenter the world of competitive bass fishing. This year he is focusing on the Weekend BASS Series and his club scene and is hoping to get into the Stren Series again next year.

A Great Company to Work With

I would like to take this moment to thank Casey for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to me about his business, and what he has in store for the future. I would also like to encourage any of you who have not yet tried one of their baits to take a look at their site and see all that they have to offer you. I will guarantee, that it will be more than just a bait; it will end up being a strong desire to make you happy with their product. Please check them out at .