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Angler Profile

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By: Brian Christianson


Since joining the River Road Bassmasters club out of Stoddard, WI last year, I have learned more than I couldíve imagined about the sport of BASS fishing. There have been many anglers that I can say I respect and have learned a lot from, but Ben is almost certainly at the top. There isnít an angler I know of that has vastly improved his skills as quick as Ben has, quickly becoming one of the best fishermen in the State of Wisconsin and Midwest. He is now going for his third consecutive year as Mr. Bass and considering the competition heís up against, that is very remarkable. Like me, he believes that there is nothing more important than time on the water and a strong motivation to be the best.

Ben is a very caring father and comes from a large family. I fish with him on Wednesday nights in a club called ďJerkin LipsĒ. It is a small club of guys that are out to have fun and learn the sport of Bass fishing. At the end of each night, itís common to see everyone flock to him with questions about where he caught fish and how he caught them. That being said, I decided to join the crowd and ask him a few questions as well.

What are your favorite baits and techniques?
Whatever is working at the time. I select the bait that I have the most confidence in based on that particular situation.  I like to experiment while Iím on the water and try to be as versatile as possible.

How have you changed as an angler? What have you learned over the past few years?
I think the most significant changes I have seen the last two years would be my ability to put patterns together more quickly. Reading water clarity, flow and understanding how the fish are relating to it. I also believe I have improved on recognizing when to stay put or roll the dice. If I do have to roll the dice, I roll with more confidence than what I have in the past.

Favorite Bodies of water?
Mississippi River (Pool 4 & 9)
Green Bay 

Ben Away From the Lake
I have one daughter, a niece, nephew and Iím the oldest of 4 brothers and 4 sisters.  I really enjoy spending time with them, playing games and watching them grow up.

Angling Hero
Itís fun to watch guys like KVD, Clunn and Brauer. But I would be lying if I didnít say that my angling heroes are the guys in my own club that have and continue to help me improve my fishing skills.

Jim Johnson (Two time classic qualifier)
Randy Eddy (Federation National Championship qualifier)
David Snyder( Three time Wisconsin State Team)

Primary Fishing Strength
My primary fishing strength would be flipping a jig around thick cover.  I really enjoy picking apart lay downs, bushes and matted vegetation.

Secondary Fishing Strength 
I like Carolina rigging and cranking deep off shore structure.  I donít get to do it a lot because most of my time is spent on Mississippi River.  However, when I do get to fish lakes, I have a lot of confidence throwing a big crankbait on offshore humps.

Biggest Weakness 
Definitely finesse fishing and deep weed line fishing. 

Why He Fishes 
I have been fishing since I was 20 years old.  My uncle use to take me to a backwater eddy and we would catch all species of fish from the bank, but I would get really excited when I caught a bass.  Ever since then a bass has been the only fish I have been interested in catching. I really enjoy the outdoors, just being outside seems to be relaxing regardless of the weather.

Thanks Ben for your time and good luck on the water this year!