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Angler Profile

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By Jeff Bosshardt


Being a bass tournament angler gives me the great opportunity to meet some super people. One of the classiest people I’ve met is Steve Hauge, owner of  All-Terrain Tackle. Hauge is also a very accomplished angler. The two of us had time to chat the other day about All Terrain and bass fishing in general. Hauge is fresh off of his 1st place finish on Prior Lake on June 4.

Q:How did All Terrain Tackle get started?
Hauge :”The company basically got started when I quit my job and was looking for something to do that really interested me. A good friend of mine, Jim Moynagh, was dominating the scene on Lake Minnetonka with a Football head jig called the Roll’R Rock jig. He used it to win an FLW Open on Minnetonka also. That rock jig was out of production and Moynagh asked me if I could help him with some modifications with the jig and bring it back on the market. It was a natural progression from there and we just started making it. Once that really took off I started the All Terrain Tackle and added a couple more jigs, including a grass jig with a little help with development from Scott Martin, Roland Martin’s son. We are now in our fourth year full time.”

Steve Hauge: Owner of All Terrain Tackle
and Tournament Angler

Q: Tell us about the ups and downs of the tackle industry?
Hauge: “Every day I get to wake up and get to talk to good fishermen and I learn a lot. It’s fun to work with something you love. The business aspect of it is hard because I don’t have a lot of experience with it, especially when I first started. When making a product that is not very expensive you really need to focus on volume. We are trying to get as much of our product placed in stores down south where they fish closer to 12 months out of the year.” I can tell you this, “It is not easy.”

Q: What do you see as some of the future trends in bass fishing tackle? 
Hauge: “ That’s a hard one to predict.” The Chatterbait has really taken off. I think trends really get started with some kind of major tournament win. After that it seems like so many manufacturers try to come up with some other version of the same bait and flood the market. It happened with the creature type baits, Sweet Beavers and others.”

Q: Talk about your personal experience fishing the Bassmaster Opens as a pro for a season? 
Hauge: “Well, like a lot of guys it was something I always wanted to do. It was a tough, kind of lonely experience really. I was all by myself and you just get up everyday and fish, which is great. Staying in a hotel and being away from home so long was not for me. If you don’t do well right away it can shake your confidence I have always swung for the fences. If you do that on some of the lakes they fish you can really do poor. I struggled, but I learned a lot. I would not do it again all by myself. It would be a lot more fun to get about 4-5 guys together and do it that way.” the best way to say it is “You have to do it to really understand.” 

Q: What fishing related accomplishment are you most proud of?
Hauge: “ I would have to say my overall consistency. Many people can go out and win one tournament. To me it means much more to be able to finish near the top of the leader board consistently. I also would have to say that as I have gotten older I have improved my concentration skills. I concentrate on each cast expecting a big fish even if there is only a few minutes left. I am also proud of the 38.91 lb - 8 fish limit that we caught in a team tourney in 2002 on Prior lake, I think it is still the largest ever in MN.”

Q: What are the near future plans for A.T. and for your own personal fishing schedule? 
Hauge: “We are coming out with a new product catalog very soon. Look for a new brush guard on the Rock Jig and a new finesse style jig. I want to continue growing the business and gaining exposure. I personally am cutting back on tourneys to focus on the business. This year I will fish the Extream Series, the Fort Francis Championship, and the Skeeter Invitational.”

Thanks for your time Steve and keep up the great work at All-Terrain.