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Darin Roddick-Small's Tournament Journal


Whatís New At Venom Lures?

By Darin Roddick-Small

 The following is a collection of baits that Venom Lures has added to their line in the past months. Like the balance of their soft plastic products, these are also fortified with Mega Strike fish attractant. Follow along as I give you a tour of what is new at Venom Lures.

 Venom Lures Bad Shad

 This is Venoms addition to the swim bait phenomena. I think that they hit out of the park with this one. The Bad Shad is 5 inches long and comes in 6 natural colors, all of which have the reflective eyes. It also has an oversized tail that displaces a lot of water while the bait is in motion. It comes three to a pack with one of Venomís weighted red sickle hooks. Otherwise, they baits could be rigged on a large jig head for a little different look. I am looking forward to throwing these baits this year to hungry bass.


Venom Lures Drop Shot Minnow


This 4-inch hand poured drop shot bait is also fortified with Mega Strike fish attractant. It features a life like appearance to go along with its soft plastic body and mirror eyes. The Drop Shot Minnow comes in 10 fish catching colors. This bait also will find its way onto a jig head for me in the near future for me while jig worming, or shaky head fishing. It is sure to be a solid producer in their line of baits.


Venom Lures King Snake

 Venom has also filled a void in their product line in regards to a 10-inch worm. I am certain if you like to use jumbo worms, you will like this. These worms are 10 inches of super soft plastic that includes Mega Strike fish attractant. These worms have also been designed to reduce line twist that can be associated with worms. One thing I like already about these is that they are about the same diameter as a standard 7 inch worm.


Venom 3/8 oz Jig rigged with a Venom Sweet Dream, or Venom Dream Craw

 This is the bait that Charley Hartly used in his strong finish at the 2008 Bassmaster Classic. Although it is not a new bait, it is being featured right now on their website. He used it to secure his 15th place finish. Be sure to check it out. I can personally say that the dream craws make a great trailer for jigs.


 To look more closely at these new baits offered by Venom Lures, go to You can also order on-line, via phone, or fax. I highly recommend these lures to anyone out there looking to add swim baits to their arsenal, looking for a great drop shot lure, or if you like using large worms. These new lures are a great compliment to their existing line of baits. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at

Tight Lines and God Bless,
Darin Roddick-Small