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"Triton" Mike Bucca's Top 10 Lucky Crafts

(Editors Note: Lucky Craft Regional Pro-Staffer Mike Bucca gives detailed descriptions of many of his favorite Lucky Craft baits. Learn more about each of the models mentioned and Mikes experiences in using each model. Great reading and good information from a very successful angler to help you choose the right Lucky Craft baits for your use.)

With the extensive lineup of baits that Lucky Craft has I can certainly understand why it might cause a lot of people mass confusion on what tool to purchase and for what job. I have received countless emails pertaining to my opinion of various baits in the Lucky Craft lineup. I have been fishing with Lucky Craft lures since the late 90’s and I have also been on the Lucky Craft Pro-staff for the past year and a half. As a fishing guide here in Georgia with over 200 days a year on the water, I have extensive experience in using pretty much every bait in their entire lineup, and several Lucky Craft baits that aren’t even offered here in the U.S. I felt this top 10 list would help ease your pain in your bait selection before you plop down the bucks for one of these fine pieces of craftsmanship. Do keep in mind that these are the top 10 baits that I find myself using most often and they are listed in no particular order.

“Triton” Mike Bucca

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