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The Tackle Box
"A Reflection of 2006"

Ralph B. Spoerl

Twenty-two days in a row of below freezing temperatures and I’m sitting here mourning the passing of 2006’s bass fishing season.  So, while The Tackle Box is hibernating this winter, let’s take a good look at what the past season brought (and didn’t).  Which was the best month?  How many bass were caught and on what lures?  Even if the review doesn’t help our 2007 season, it sure can’t hurt… and it definitely beats focusing on the arctic tundra outside my Wisconsin window.

April was (and always is) an exciting time for us!  The preparation and anticipation starts as we bring down our boats, get the trolling motors on, put in the batteries, and fill the compartments with our tackle and other gear.  Maybe it doesn’t sound like much, but this is usually a three-day process.  My actual bass fishing?  Well, I managed just two days at the end of the month during a club outing.  I caught five bass on a Brovarney silver shiner swim jig and pearl trailer.  I tried a white spinnerbait and a black and blue jig with a pork trailer… no luck.  However, I won the club outing and went home happy.  Not a bad start.

May is always good.  It’s the first full month of inland lake season.  This past May, however, due to various personal situations, I only got out five days and locked onto just seventeen bass.  My best stringer on the 23rd was nine.  That day the hot bait was a Strike King Premier ¼-ounce golden shiner spinnerbait, and a Brovarney golden shiner swim jig with a five-inch matching trailer.  I got nothing on my favorite pearl Yamamoto Senko, but I did stick a few on a black and blue jig and a white Horny Toad (topwater).

June was definitely better.  Not a lot of home projects, so I was out eight days and caught 37 fish!  And June was also great for the Northern Pike Toothy Craters (they sure like white spinnerbaits).  I caught the most bass, though, with a Horny Toad (topwater) in white and a few on the black.  I also caught a few on a Pearl Senko’s, skipped under the docks, and a Pro Model Strike King (white and chartreuse) spinnerbait.  My best bass day was nine.

July also turned out well.  I got another eight days and a not-too-shabby thirty.  Yeah, there were a few Toothy Craters, but what can you do (they cost me two swim jigs and a spinnerbait)?  But if I’m counting bass, can I also add a Rock Bass?  He hit a green and white Bomber-A crankbait with the vengeance of a 5-lb largemouth.  Wow, what a fish!  He measured out at twelve inches!

This month also turned out to be a good month to do some flipping and pitching (now that’s what I call fun!).  I LOVE it!  I got most of the bass fishing on wood with grass nearby.  I used a Berkley Jay Yelas ½-ounce jig in black and blue.  My trailer was a Zoom Fat Albert in sapphire blue.  I did well with his brown and green jig, too.  I tried drop-shooting, but I still can’t get out that far away from shore.  Once I pass five feet, I really get nervous.

August… what can I say?  After 10:00 a.m., it’s nothing but boat after boat and skier after skier—they seem to come out of every dock and launch in droves.  Having said that, though, I still jumped on 39 bass (not to mention some Northerns and Muskies).  Again I say, don’t throw white!  I got my best Musky on a black and blue jig—go figure (I found out real quick that a 40-inch Musky doesn’t fit into a 19-inch bass net).  I got most of the bass this month flipping that same Jay Yelas jig in the same areas.  I won another club outing using a Horny Toad and a Brovarney Ghost Swim Jig.  I also tried to fish a 2.5-inch swim bait.  A “walleye” friend of mine suggested I give them a try when out looking for smallmouth.  They produced a couple of smallies, but nothing big.  He also gave me some Blue Gill and Perch colors and, being a “walleye” guy, I know he was always around smallmouth.  Maybe this is the start of something big…

September was only fair.  I got out six days due to some family commitments, plus I was getting ready for duck hunting.  However, I still managed eighteen bass.  Most were caught on a Pro Model Strike King spinnerbait in the golden shiner color, as well as the always reliable white and chartreuse.  I also used a Brovarney golden shiner with a black 5-inch grub trailer.  This one produced some big fish on one rainy day.

With duck hunting in October, I only got out fishing once for a couple of hours.  Still, I landed one 6-inch bass.  And I got him on a white pre-rigged worm.  Now, how’s that for a finish?

So, there it is… a glimpse of one year’s bass fishing from The Tackle Box.  Maybe some of you did better and some did worse.  But the bottom line… we fished, we even caught some (and certainly lost some), and we had fun.  And now we’ll wait (in cold storage) for next season.  Man, what a great life!