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Pimp Your Bait
By Glenn Walker


In today’s angling circles, many angler’s think they have that super secret bait.  But as I have learned over the past several seasons of fishing, a lure is only as good as the angler who is working that bait.  This being said, an angler has several options to improve the looks and fish attractiveness of that bait.  This cold, weather off-season is the perfect time to grab one of your old baits and make it a fish magnet.  It is time to pimp your bait…

The first thing that an angler can do to a lure that will not only dramatically increase a lures appearance, but more importantly help that lure hook more fish is change the hooks on that bait, the lures that an angler can change the hooks out on our either crankbaits or topwaters.  Up until a few years ago, the only treble hooks that were available came in the standard nickel or black nickel, all in all a very plain hook, and then came the red hook bonanza; every hook company came out with red hooks that supposedly helped an angler catch more fish.  Whether a red hook makes a different or not, is up to you the angler to decide.  Eagle Claw took colored hooks to a new level.  Eagle Claw now offers treble hooks in red, chartreuse and krawfish.  Along with having colored trebles, Eagle Claw has released dressed treble hooks that have been a mainstay on the rear hook on many topwater baits.  I urge you to experiment with these dressed treble hooks on your crankbaits as well; you never know what magical lure you could create.  You can customize your bait to the conditions that you are facing and create a lure that helps you put fish in the boat.

Other ways to pimp your bait include using dyes, markers and scents on them.  A long time manufacturer of dyes has been Spike-It.  Using their dips an angler could dye their bait in a wide array of colors.  The drawback was that it was difficult to only get one area of your bait dyed and that it was a messy process.  Spike-It came out with a set of markers that allow an angler to quickly and easily color their bait and give it a new color.  My two favorite situations to use these markers are when I am coloring plastic baits to make it look like they are bleeding or I add orange or chartreuse to brown or green plastics to make them stick out in stained water.

Eagle Claw has developed a line of scents, the Nitro line has many different versions to choose from.  They also have come up with a new way to apply these scents in way that they also add color to the bait.  Nitro Grease comes in two types of containers; the first is a small tube that allows an angler to spread an amount of the grease onto the bait.  The other form is in a tube that allows an angler too easily and conveniently put an amount of grease onto the bait in a small area.  Now that you have added not only scent, but some fish attracting color to your bait, you are ready to go tackle the big ones.

Take the time this winter to pimp your bait, you never know what the end result will be, maybe a tournament win or angler of year title, or maybe just out fishing your buddy on that opening fishing trip!!  Now get off the computer and go pimp your bait...!