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Super K Jigs
A detailed oriented jig company.

I would like to take a moment to introduce you to a new line of jigs on the market that are the best I have ever used. It is a complete line that includes everything a fisherman needs, from swim jigs, finesse jigs, to my personal favorite the plunking jig. Whatever your favorite jig is, Gregg Kizewski, the originator of the Super K Jig, will have what you need.

On the website you will find the complete line of jigs that Super K Jigs offers and you can place your order there with the aide of PayPal. Super K Jigs has a flat rate for shipping, of $5.50 for up to $100 of products. For orders over $100, Super K Jigs will ship for free. If you think all of this is too good to be true, it is not. Super K Jigs is just a no-frills business that wants to pass the savings on to the fisherman. This is great to see in today’s economy.

The Product

Swim Jig

Super K offers two sizes of swim jigs, a ¼ once and a 3/8 once jig. All jigs come with a 5/0 Gamakatsu hook, an epoxied weed guard and a grub keeper molded into the head. These jigs are all hand tied and the colors have been developed by Gregg and his Pro Staff. If you do not find one you like, Super K Jigs will make what you need for no extra charge.

Super K Swim Jig, Dragonfly color #HT005

Grass Plunking Jigs

This is the perfect jig for an awesome technique, if you have not tried plunking yet, it is for sure a must learn. I was introduced to this a few years back on the deep weed edges of the Madison Chain of Lakes. The grass plunking jig excels for this technique. The head design slides effortlessly through the weed stalks allowing you to spend more time fishing and less time cleaning your lure. Super K Jigs offer three models to suit conditions you face. This jig also comes standard with a 5/0 Gamakatsu hook and an epoxied weed guard.

Super K K-Plunk Grass Jig, Blue Shad color number #SF096

Football and Flipping Jigs

Super K Jigs also has a hand tied football and flipping jig option. These also come in a variety of colors, or can be special ordered as needed. These jigs also come with the Gamakatsu hook, but the football jig has the option for the Owner Deep Throat hook. The Owner hook is extremely sharp, but it is not recommended for applications where the hook may become dinged on rocks or other structure. Due to the hardness of the hooks, they do not sharpen well after contact with rocks.

Shakey Head Jigs
To round out your jig needs Super K Jigs makes both football head and screw lock shakey head jigs. These come in a variety of sizes as well as four different colors. There is certainly one for the conditions you will face on the water.

Whatever your jig fishing needs are, I would suggest you stop by the the Super K Jigs website to check out what the have to offer. I am certain you will be pleased with what you find great service, a quality product and people that love the sport of bass fishing and have a desire to share their knowledge with others.

Darin Roddick-Small
Futurebass Pro Staff
Super K Jigs Pro Staff