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By: Tim Domaille


Most of us just cannot wait to see what is new for the next year. Tackle, Electronics, Rods, Reels, Boats Motors, and the list goes on and on and on.

It's not very often that a new bait comes out that really stands out to me. I may really like the looks of some newer baits but where would I use it and how would I use it. More often than not I buy several colors and use them maybe a couple of times. Then guess what, into the cupboard they go, possibly never to see light again.

I guess over the years I have tried to cut back somewhat on buying all sorts of different lures and have tried to stick with some of the lures I am confident in. These include Tubes, Yum and Chompers are probably my favorite. Finesse worms like Zoom, Berkley and others. Brovarney Swim Jigs have been a main stay added to my arsenal over the last few years.

If I could condense my tackle a little more, maybe the boat would even go faster. Over loaded with gear can also be a mental problem. Open the tackle storage area and all the baits seem to call “use me, use me”. I know I have taken around 40 pounds of unused plastics and tackle out of my boat every year and I have made a decision not to overload this year.

When it comes right down to it, you should only have in your tackle box what you have confidence in. What would you use when fishing gets tough? What is your “Go To” bait or baits? All of us have our own liking to certain baits. If fishing is tough or they are on fire, we still have those baits that we really have confidence in. I know at times, I can pick up a certain rod with a certain bait and in my mind, I CAN catch a fish where I am fishing. We all know that is does not always happen but the confidence is there.

I have learned to slow down which is extremely hard for me to do and concentrate. I am usually a “Cover the water” type of guy. Slowing down and working an area with my confidence baits have paid off in the past and hopefully will in the future.

I cannot stress enough that to fish any area, you must have confidence in your fishing ability and lure choice. In most circumstances, it is not the lure that catches the fish, but it is the presentation of the bait thrown.

In my opinion, presentation has more to do with putting fish in the boat than does lure choice. I have stated in other articles that you must visualize what you are fishing, structure, and fish the structure.

Structure can be anything from a log to a lay down, rock point, rock pile, or rip rap bank, to weeds and sand drops. Contour of any kind that you can imagine is structure in my book. You still need to picture what you are fishing. Pick a point and concentrate on it. When you cast, try to picture what your bait is doing on the fall whether it is going straight down, over a log or swinging back toward you. If you can do this, you will be more confident in your lure of choice and know what it is doing when a fish hits it.

I hope this will help, I know it has helped me.

Good fishing!
Tim Domaille