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Tools for the boat, what every tournament angler should have
By: Tim Domaille


One of the most over looked must have for the boat is tools. Any tools needed to make emergency repairs to almost any component to ensure a safe day on the water.

I for one over the past few years have run into issues for needing tools to repair my boat while either pre-fishing or during the tournament. I have encountered several other anglers that have needed the same.

In my boat, I carry several tools along with the necessary quick repair parts. Here is a list of what I have and carry with me at all times.

Spare hub for Mercury prop.
Spare trolling motor prop.
Wiring connectors.
Cotter pins.
Wire ties.
Spare pump for live wells or bilge pump. (Cartridge style)
Spare prop.
Jumper cables.

Flat blade and Phillips screw drivers.
Side cutters.
Sockets and ratchet for trolling motor and engine propeller.
Electrical tape.
Spare pull rope for the trolling motor.

For instance. If I spin a hub in my prop, I have two options. One I can remove the prop and try to pound out and install a new hub, (does not take but two minuets in a Mercury style prop usually). Or, I can simply install my spare prop and fix the hub later. Knowing what kind of prop you are running and what can be done incase of a problem, i.e. hub, is something that everyone that fishes needs to know. Quick thinking can save both time and money and get you back to fishing in minimal time.

Live well pumps that are cartridge style simply either snap out and push in or twist out and twist in. Rule pumps snap in and out, Mayfield pumps twist in and out.  You never know when a pump may quite or break so having a spare is a must!

If a depth finder quits by breaking a wire "this has happened to me several times" it can be fixed and get you back to business within minuets. Having wire cutters and extra terminals to repair the wire is the key to a quick repair.

Electrical tape and wire ties, I always have these in case of an emergency. You never know when something might come loose or break and you need to temporarily repair it.

Trolling motor rope. Always carry a spare. The rope usually breaks at the time itís most needed. In a tournament or when you are in a hurry. Also the spare props and drive pins for the trolling motor. If you break a prop blade, it is really nice to have a spare.

All of these tools and equipment fit into a waterproof tool box except for the prop of course. Nice and handy to have in case of emergency.

 I ran into a fellow competitor in the locks this year that was towed in because he hit a wing dam and his boat would not move. After checking it while waiting for the lock to fill we found that he had spun a hub, bent a prop shaft and damaged the prop blades. I asked if he had a prop wrench, spare hub or prop. The answer was no. I tried to remove the hub but could not. I installed my spare prop for him to use. He started his motor and the boat was moveable. We both went on our way for the day and he made it back to weigh-in without further problems.

This story just goes to show that if properly prepared, having a small tool kit and some of the necessary equipment to do on the water repairs may help save the day.

Good fishing,  

Tim Domaille
Alís Specialty Marine