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Bass Anglers Turning Into Nocturnal Creatures

by: Brad Wiegmann


  Slipping quietly out of the bed you cautiously sneak towards the garage under the cover of darkness.  The full moon gives off just enough light for you to hook up your boat without turning on a light.  Carefully, without turning the ignition over to alarm your wife; you slip the truck into neutral allowing it to roll forward down the street before starting it.  You check the mirror for any signs your wife has noticed your great escape, but thankfully thereís none.  Taking a longer glance at your reflection you notice itís been 3 days since you last shaved or slept during the night.  Itís the prefect night for bass fishing and your anticipation runs high for catching a boat load of giant largemouth.  After unloading your boat and running down the lake to your first spot, you cast a Jitterbug over a long point.  You begin to reeling it back in slowly; the lure makes a gurgling sound as it comes across the lake surface.  Without warning a big largemouth explodes on the lure.  The battle is on, after several acrobatic jumps you land a 6-pound largemouth. You quickly contemplate to yourself, its all worth missing a little sleep.

  For countless anglers, night fishing during the summer for bass proves relaxing from the red-hot day time temps and recreation boat traffic.  For these nocturnal anglers large reservoirs become popular destinations only after the sun goes down.

  The only special equipment used when night fishing for bass would be fluorescent fishing line and a black light.  A black light at night will make fluorescent line light up like a rope allowing anglers to see a strike, but the light only shines a short distance under the waterís surface.

  Popular lures for night fishing include: jig&pig combo, single Colorado blade spinnerbaits, crankbaits, buzz baits, ribbontail worms, and Jitterbugs.  The jig&pig combination should match the color and size of the lakes crawfish, which it represents.  When selecting a spinnerbait, look for one with a large single Colorado blade which will give off a great deal of vibration.  The deep diving crankbait you select should bang into the lakeís bottom giving off a throbbing thumping noise.  A big 10-inch ribbon tail worm will have a large profile allowing bass to see and hear it at night.  Finally, on a calm still night, the sound of a buzz bait or Jitterbug gurgling across the surface will prove too much for any bass to resist.  Hereís a list of popular night lures; Arbogast Jitterbug in Black, BOOYAH Buzz in Black, BOOYAH Moontalker Spinnerbait in Black/Blue or Black/Red with Yum Black Neon Chunk trailer, BOOYAH Boo Jig in Black Blue with Yum Craw Papi in Black Blue Shadow, Yum 10-inch worm in Junebug, and Bomber Fat Free Shad in Texas Red Sparkle or Bill Danceís Citruse Shad.  See for more information on these lures.

  Popular location to catch bass at night would be bluff ends, bluffs, ledges, deep brush piles, long points, flats, and boat docks.  The closer structure is to deep water the better for catching big bass.

  Safety at night becomes extremely important, so anglers should wear their life jackets and ignition turn-off device anytime the boats on plane.  In addition, anglers should bring flash lights and spot light; along with making sure the running lights work. 

  Bass fishing at night takes on a completely different ambiance than during the day.  Each sound enhanced, stars cover the sky, and a soft breeze cools the night air eliminating any thoughts of the past dayís sizzling temps.  So, do not become a day time creature of habitat, turn instead into a nocturnal creature in search of bass.

Brad Wiegmann is a professional fishing guide on Beaver Lake and outdoor writer.  Contact him at (479) 756-5279 or by e-mail at