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Landing and Releasing Fish

by: Brad Wiegmann

  You have to make just one more cast, catch one more fish.  It’s in your DNA as an angler to catch a bigger fish than you just caught.  Always one more cast, one more fish.  Today, your one more cast catches that fish of a life time.  Carefully you play the fish into the net, after a couple photos it’s time to release the fish back unharmed.  Your fishing trip was successful and more importantly; the fish you release will live to be caught another day.

  Today, the catch and release principle lives on thanks to conservation minded fishing tournaments and anglers.  Professional fishermen are taking excellent care of their fish by using products like livewell additives and landing nets made especially for protecting their catch alive.  Other anglers also have the attitude of catch and release.  They know the future of the sport relies on how fish are treated during the catch and release process, no matter what specie they are targeting.

  When landing and releasing a fish, the landing net plays an intricate part of the process.  Being able to control the fish will decrease the chance of injury like eye damage, fins split or tore, and scales or slime removed.  Professional fishermen and other anglers have turn to landing nets that meet their needs for catch and release.  Frabill ( conservation series nets offer a fish friendly, knotless mesh netting, and flat panel bottom to protect your fish while landing and releasing them. 

  The new Frabill conservation series net has a shallow flat bottom panel that supports the fish’s entire body.  This eliminates the fish from rolling in the net causing injury and makes it easier for removal.  All of the Frabill conservation series nets have knotless netting to reduced damage to fins, scales, and a fish’s slime coat, in addition to preventing hooks from snagging in the net.  A matted black finish mesh guard protects the netting, extends the life of the net, and shy fish from refusing to get into the net.  The reinforced, one piece handle design features a Pow’R Lok yoke system that allows the handle to slide through for convenient storage.  The conservation series net comes in nine models to choose from depending on the species of fish you are targeting.  Frabill has helped out the process by attaching a tag that indicates which specie it was design for depending on hoop size, hoop style, netting style, netting material, depth/bottom of net, handle type, and  handle length.  Professional anglers will enjoy the telescoping handle feature that has an extremely extrusion reinforcement one piece contoured handle.  Since, storage is always a problem in their boats.  These nets are not the landing nets of yesterday.

  Gratefully, professional fishermen and other anglers have that chance to make one more cast today and tomorrow with the more conservation minded landing nets being made today.


Brad Wiegmann is a professional fishing guide on Beaver Lake and outdoor writer. Contact him at (479) 756-5279 or by e-mail at