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Education Center for Making Lures

by: Brad Wiegmann

The enjoyment and exhilaration of catching fish on lures you made yourself cannot be measured. Nevertheless, the disappointment of not knowing how to or inexperience in making your own lures can be frustrating after spending hours trying to make your own lures. You have all the correct equipment and materials needed but for some unknown reason it just does not seem to work as it should. What is the solution? Do-It Molds Corporation in Denver, Iowa, has the answer, the Education Center located on their website. It offers answers to questions, how-to articles, how-to videos, and information on basic lead molding.
Do-It Corporation ( makes the world’s highest quality fishing tackle molds and sells products needed to produce custom crafted tackle. Any company would be satisfied with having a quality product that anglers and lure builders insist upon; however, Do-It Corporation recognizes the need to educate custom lure builders in how-to construct their own lures. For novice custom lure builders, it is like having all the answers without going through the frustration of mistakes that custom lure builders experience. Even old pros at building custom lures will benefit by exploring and finding new ways of constructing lures in the Education Center.
Do-It Education Center has four sections to it: lead molding basics, how-to videos, how-to articles, and ask the expert. In the section lead molding, everything necessary to pour your own lead lures is explained. Topics covered include getting started- what you need to make your own tackle and simple steps to making great tackle; safety first- lead molding precautions and appropriate safety equipment; lead information- lead health warning, lead alloys, and lead sources; lead casting- recommended lead casting equipment and tips before you start lead casting; troubleshooting- casting problems diagnostic guide; charts- metric conversion chart.
The section How-to videos covers topics such as, How-to powder paint, How-to use heat resistant tubing, adding hair to lures, finishing your own jigs, making your own weights, tackle crafting today and several other informative videos. These videos are ideal for custom lure builders who like to see exactly how to do it.
The next section is the How-to articles. These articles cover topics on how to build and fish with lures that you can make yourself. Along with helpful hints that have the exact products and molds needed to build your own lures. Article topics in How-to articles include, high speed tail-spins: simple modifications create a deadly lure, refined spinnerbaits: ultra minnow-head gives you the edge in hard-fishing waters, the gargolyle: a common lure with a different look, buzzbaits: the new buzz-keel design makes a big splash and several other informative articles.
The last section, Ask the Expert, allows custom lure builders the opportunity to email their questions to Do-It so they can be answered. Do-It Education Center already has a number of frequently asked questions posted on the website such as, how much thinner do I need to add to CS Coating vinyl jig and lure paint?, does Do-It Corporation sell lead?, does Do-It Corporation create custom molds?, and other commonly asked questions.
In the past, custom lure builders would spend a lot of their time and money experimenting how to correctly and safely construct their own lures; well, that is all in the past now with the Education Center. Sounds like custom lure builder’s will have more lures and time to do what they enjoy the most, go fishing.

Brad Wiegmann is a professional fishing guide on Beaver Lake and outdoor writer. Contact him at (479) 756-5279 or by e-mail at