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Secrets of Advance Jig Fishing

by: Brad Wiegmann

  I am drooling, my thoughts are racing through my mind; I just have to buy me some jigs. Now!  Do you know why?  I just watched the DVD by Omega Custom Tackle titled Advanced Jig Fishing- Secrets of the Pros.  It was two hours of professional tournament anglers hammering big bass on jigs in all conditions; however, it was not just about how to catch fish, but the secrets professional bass anglers use to catch bass.

  The DVD by Omega Custom Tackle ( covered every style of jig and how anglers could use jigs to catch bass.  The DVD has eight segments including: welcome, Omega, Flippin’, Wrap, Pro-Mega, 1-ounce Pro-Mega, The Savior, Revelation, Derek Remitz, and thank you.  Each segment focuses on a certain style of jig, how and where to fish it, color patterns, trailers, and pro tips to catch more and bigger bass on jigs. 

  The DVD includes one-on-one instructional tips and techniques by, Todd Barnes, President of Omega Custom Tackle, lure designer, and tournament pro; in addition to, Derek Remitz, B.A.S.S. Rookie of the Year and Battle on the Border Champion on Lake Amistad, FLW Pro Craig Dowling, FLW Pro Scott Lunsford, and tournament pros Roger Fitzpatrick and Mike Malone.  These professional anglers are shown jig fishing on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri and Lake Pickwick in Alabama; where they break down how to catch fish in every situation an angler may face on the water.  Anglers will also find the Pro Tips that appear throughout the DVD extremely educational and revealing; showing exactly how professional anglers present jigs to catch more bass.  A number of the pros also take a in-depth look at depth finders and how they can be utilized when jig fishing.

  Are you pumped up about jig fishing yet?  Well, true jig fanatics will find the segment with Bassmaster Elite Pro Derek Remitz extremely informative.  In it, Remitz explains the key features to the Derek Remitz Signature Series Football Jig, what size to use according to depth, skirt color patterns, and the head and jig design.  Followed by, Remitz out fishing with his Signature Jig.  In the DVD, Remitz explaining how to fish a jig, seasonal patterns, what he looks for when fishing a jig, and how to respond to changing conditions while fishing a jig.

  Wrap is the only segment in the DVD not about fishing jigs.  In this segment, Barnes goes into detail with The Wrapped Guys aka Signature Signs and Graphics ( about getting windows, truck, and boat wrapped.  In fact, Barnes goes through the whole process of getting his windows, SUV, and boat wrapped with the Omega Custom Tackle logo.  It is a very informative segment for any angler interested in getting their windows, truck, or boat wrapped.

  I can hardly wait to get out and fish some jigs after watching the DVD.  Hopefully, I paid enough attention to all the tips and secrets of the pros, to advance my jig fishing abilities.  Now, if I can only keep this DVD a secret from my fishing buddies.

Brad Wiegmann is a professional fishing guide on Beaver Lake and outdoor writer. Contact him at (479) 756-5279 or by e-mail at