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Smallmouth Return to the Neighborhood

by: Brad Wiegmann

They’re back… Kim and Danny Stricker have returned and brought the smallmouth with them in Smallmouth Neighborhood-Volume II “Close Encounters” ( the smallmouth show their photogenic side with plenty of close ups and remarkable underwater footage of 2 smallmouth pairing up in courtship, a female laying her eggs on a bed, an aggressive male protecting the fry, how smallmouth relate to aquatic vegetation, and so much more.
In Smallmouth Neighborhood Volume I “Follow the Forage”, Michigan FLW Pro Kim Stricker took anglers under the water’s surface and inside the smallmouth neighborhood. With the help of his son Danny, anglers got to see never seen before underwater footage of the smallmouth interacting in their environment, bass catching scenes, and much more.
In Smallmouth Neighborhood Volume II “Close Encounters”, Kim and his son Danny again go under the water’s surface. The DVD is divided into 6 chapters: teaser, intro, spawn, post-spawn, weeds, and equipment. In the teaser, a big smallmouth succumbs to Kim, who catches it on a rod and reel underwater. The intro explains about the smallmouth neighborhood, its environment, and general information about the smallmouth. The spawn has footage of location of smallmouth beds, behaviors of male and female smallmouth during the spawn, spawning rituals, and 2 smallmouth bass actually spawning. Post-spawn shows the male smallmouth protecting the nest and behaviors of both the male and female during this time. In weeds, Kim shows how smallmouth bass relates to aquatic vegetation and how it provides a source of food for them. The equipment chapter covers equipment used during the filming of the DVD.
Volume II covers a completely different aspect of smallmouth behavior. “It is really more directed towards the spawn, post-spawn, and how smallmouth relate to aquatic vegetation,” explained Kim. The 55-minute DVD has incredible underwater footage of smallmouth and debunks many of the myths surrounding the smallmouth bass. The DVD even shows how a bass swims right back to its bed after being caught and released. Another part shows Kim catching or trying to catch a big smallmouth on a tube with his son Danny, who is underwater telling him where to cast and when to set the hook. It shows that it’s not always that easy to hook a smallmouth. “The DVD is a blend of educational information and entertaining to watch,” noted Kim. Entertaining for sure, as Kim gets into a fight with a 3-pound smallmouth bass protecting its bed; you will have to watch the DVD to see who wins!
If after watching the DVD you did not get enough underwater footage of bass, check out the show Hook n’ Look with Kim Stricker on Versus. New shows will begin airing in January and run thru June.
The smallmouth neighborhood DVDs are 2 rare exceptions to the normal fishing videos
that only shows you the top side of angling. Its real life and footage of smallmouth
interacting in their natural environment. I liked both of them so much I plan on visiting
their neighborhood … with a fishing pole of course!

Brad Wiegmann is a professional fishing guide on Beaver Lake and outdoor writer. Contact
him at (479) 756-5279 or by E-mail at

Brad Wiegmann is a professional fishing guide on Beaver Lake and outdoor writer. Contact him at (479) 756-5279 or by e-mail at