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2009 Gambler Lures Preview

by Paul Strege


Gambler Lures has once again responded to the requests of the most dedicated fishermen across the country and added several new, innovative lures to its already diverse product line for the upcoming bass fishing season. Here’s what is being offered for 2009:

 The Double Trouble Toad Hook

When Gambler wanted to provide a hook to compliment their already popular Cane Toad, they turned to Elite Series Professional and top water toad expert, Chris Lane, for advice. The product of their efforts is a true advancement over traditional toad hooks and previous rigging methods. For starters, the hook features an ultra-sharp and ultra-stout 4/0 Gamakatsu double hook that immediately transforms a hook-set into a hook-up. Next, Gambler molded a cork screw keeper into the eye of the hook using a tin-lead mixture. The unique keeper not only extends the longevity of rigged soft plastics, it also adds just enough weight to improve overall casting distance and casting performance in windy conditions. Wondering what to rig on this beautiful hook? Ask Chris Lane, and his top pick is the Gambler Cane Toad, of course!

The Carl Svebek Wacky Jig Head

Carl Svebek made waves in 2008 by hauling sack after sack of big bass across the stage throughout FLW’s first tour stop at Lake Toho. It is no secret that he relied upon the Gambler Sweebo for his success, however, the development of a jig head to specifically compliment his namesake worm has been under wraps until now. The wacky jig head sports a ridged crown which pins the lure in an upright position when at rest on the bottom. And, it also features a light, 5-strand fiber weed guard that is not too thick to deter light bites. The wacky jig head also includes a high quality, practically self-setting, Owner hook. The hook is available in four weight sizes, ranging from 1/32 ounce to 3/16 ounce.

 13-inch Ribbon Tail Worm

With the big bass craze raging across the country, the demand for a high-quality, super-sized worm has never been greater. Gambler Lures has responded by offering their already popular ribbon tail worm in a monstrous 13-inch size. The worm is not merely an elongation of previous models; it also includes a beefier body for greater water displacement. The worm still features a no-spin design for swimming retrieves, wide ribbon tail, and is enhanced with Gambler Bite attractant.



 The Original Florida Rig Screw-on weight

It’s b-aaaaack! After four years of absence, the original Gambler Florida Rig Screw-on weight is back on the market with its original features, components, and quality construction. Anglers who have used this weight in the past will be relieved to know that the weight still utilizes a stainless steel screw and protective sleeve that eliminates excessive line wear commonly occurring with other competitors’ designs. Sizes from 1/32 to 1/2 ounce are offered in original black-painted lead. And, rattling black brass is available in 1/16 to 1-ounce sizes.


 The Mega Daddy

The latest addition to Gambler’s popular soft plastic craw line is the Mega Daddy. As its name implies, the Mega Daddy is the largest (and newest) member of the Flappy Daddy family. At 5-inches long, this mammoth crawdad is even larger for those big bait, big fish, flipping bites. Everything on this flappy is of “Mega” proportion, from the claws, to the head, to the girth, and to the overall length. It is definitely not a meal of modest portion. The Mega Daddy is due to be released in late January, 2009.


The Custom Jig Shop

For 2009, Gambler Lures also offers fishermen new jig components within its custom jig shop. For producing larger volumes of skirts, Gambler now sells a production skirt making tool. The tool allows jig-making enthusiasts to create their favorite skirts even faster by allowing multiple bands to be loaded onto a single sleeve at one time. Also new to the jig shop for 2009 are two-tone camo jig skirt layers, in 10- to 100-pack sizes. Some colors include Green Pumpkin / Blue, Green Pumpkin / Watermelon Candy, Black Green Glitter / Chartreuse Orange Gold, Alabama Craw, and Pumpkin Green Glitter / Brown Gold Red Glitter. With such wild color combinations, bass will undoubtedly go crazy after laying their eyes on these skirts for the first time!



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