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Proven odor preventing technology now available for anglers and boaters

Pleasant Valley, MO – Dead Down Wind®, an industry leader in scent prevention, introduces eLive Down Stream® – a new line of scent eliminating and scent preventing products designed for the marine and fishing industry. eLive Down Stream utilizes the same proven odor eliminating and odor prevention ESPTM Enzyme Technology found in other Dead Down Wind products.

eLive ScentPreventTM spray is a natural, organic, and biodegradable product that not only prevents human odors, but also eliminates odors such as gasoline, fish smells, and other odors that are commonly found in the fishing world. From musty carpets, coolers, smoke, and foul footwear, eLive eliminates a wide range of odors, while the ESPTM Enzyme Technology prevents future odors from forming.

“Although originally designed to eliminate human odor that might be alarming to fish, our field testers found the product to be incredibly effective at eliminating odors in areas such as boat carpet, tackle boxes, gasoline odors, and fish odors” stated National Sales Manager Gary Reed. “The response to the product and its wide range of use has been phenomenal”

When tested against other odor abatement products currently on the market, no other product came close to the superior results found with the Scent Prevent spray. eLive Down Stream ScentPrevent spray is the only natural, organic, biodegradable product that effectively eliminates odors without harsh chemicals, masking agents, or potentially damaging effect on the environment. eLive Down Stream is also safe to use on skin. In fact, the ingredients are so gentle, it is even safe for use on children and pets.

eLive Down Stream ScentPrevent spray is available in two sizes: a 12-ounce trigger spray, and a convenient easy to pack 2 ounce pump spray.

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About Dead Down Wind®:

Dead Down Wind is a premium supplier of quality scent prevention products designed to help outdoor enthusiasts become more successful in the field. Originating in 2006, Dead Down Wind revolutionized the scent elimination industry through the development of a bio-engineered process known as ESPTM (Enzyme Scent Protection). Through this process a strand of enzymes is created that targets human bacteria – the source of human odor. Without intervention your body produces bacteria that create human odor. Unlike cover sprays that can only attempt to mask these odors, or carbon clothing that only attempts to contain it., the enzymes in Dead Down Wind® actually PREVENT odor-causing bacteria from forming – allowing you to maintain a zero scent environment.